Milas Art II

TLDR – Samples of Mila’s artwork from the past month – probably the second update of many.

Ohuhu Pens

In the last Mila’s art post, the fancy Ohuhu pens Mila uses were mentioned. Well, Mila ended up with the Mega 320 Marker pack for her birthday. The deal was she needed to draw all four ninja turtles for me to receive the pens. She finished in time we ordered them for her birthday.  The box opening was a loud scream excitement fest. Not sure who had more fun filling out the colour swatches and sorting the colours, Michelle or Mila?

Paint by Numbers

Maddex and I were out shopping at Lidl a while back and came across a paint by numbers painting for about 8e. Maddex figured it would be a perfect gift for Mila’s birthday; I agreed. Mila loved it as a gift and thoroughly enjoyed it as a project. Took her a bit over a week to finish her first one. Since her first, we’ve ordered more. Her second painting will take her less than a week to finish by the looks of it. – Sure do love encouraging and watching the children live their passions.

For the art, all I’ve done is encourage and watch. I’m not skilled enough to teach. Using my Bruce Wayne superpower, “beingrich” to help the kids grow. The kids have been self and internet-taught. I’ve always said once the kids can read and learn on their own, the foundation of their education is done; they have a strong foundation. . LOVE LOVE watching them work out how to draw something new by watching YouTube, or reading a book. With every new project they grow their skills and gain more confidence. Love it, even more when they are doing it together and helping each other.  The below image is an example of the girls watching a video learning how to draw something.

Galley of the new stuff

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