Mila’s Witch Dream

Mila’s Dream –  Sept. 21, 2018 – about a witch

Mila came barreling into our bedroom somewhere are 2 am crying that she had a horrible dream. She climbed into bed next to me and snuggled me, waking up about two more times saying the dream was still there and she was scared. Finally, she went downstairs around 6 am with Kevin and shared her dream with him. Later that morning, I sat down with her and she shared her dream with me, needing to sit on my lap and snuggle because it was still so vivid and real to her. I don’t even know what to think or how to interrupt this one.

Dream in Mila’s words:

We were all sitting at that table (Mom, Dad, Mila, Khaleesi, Roxi, and Maddex), then someone knocked on the door and Dad went to go talk to the person. I had a weird feeling in my belly and then a lady came into the house, but she wasn’t a lady she was a witch. She gave the girls some crowns, but I knew it had a spell on it, so I threw mine in the garbage. The witch knew I threw it away and was mad, so I went to the front room to hide. Then I heard footsteps coming down the hall and got scared, but it was just Khaleesi. Then we heard footsteps again and it was the witch. We tried to run and screamed, but the witch grabbed us and taped us to the ground. Then she put rods through us that had lightning in them and it was hurting us. We screamed, and I could hear Dad trying to get in the door, but she used magic, so he couldn’t get in. Dad was trying to use the power from the LUAS to stop her.

Then I got magic and started to fly, so I grabbed Khaleesi and we “poofed” to Grandma’s house and stayed there for a couple of days. But then the witch found us, so we poofed back home, but then the witch and I started to be friends. We were playing, and I accidentally hit her in the neck and then when my back was turned she bared her teeth to bite me. I turned and saw her mouth just in time. Her teeth were diamonds and sharp and they had weird shapes; one was a moon, one was a square, one was a circle. I forced my eyes open, so I could wake up and then I ran to your room.

What a dream

So, there you have it. Overactive imagination working overtime. I remember as a kid having super vivid dreams as well. Kevin says he also had some scary dreams, and he still does. Not sure where the details came from, but I was scared just listening to her tell it. Now to find some interpretations simply because I’m curious.

Picture of Mila telling dad the story

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