The Egg Drop Challenge

TLDR – Sunday morning the kids built things around eggs then we dropped them from our bedroom window. The eggs that survived the fall won.

Egg protection challenge

Michelle is off for 2 nights on her xmas mom break starting Sunday, I am on call Sunday working from home. Thinking of something for the kids to do Sunday, I proposed an egg drop challenge to the kids. The goal being, do something to an egg to prevent it from cracking when dropped from our first-floor bedroom window – the First floor in Ireland is the second floor in the states. Our bedroom window is about a 4-meter drop onto concrete.

Maddex started his vision Saturday night. He wanted to encase an egg in hot glue and drop it. We covered an egg with glue Saturday and dropped it from the window. The poor egg did not make it. Maddex figured the glue was not thick enough to protected the egg. We went back to the glue gun and tripled the amount of glue around the egg. While we were doing that we noticed the glue around the first attempt had hardened even more while we were working. Based on the harder glue Maddex decided to test his egg in the morning after waiting longer for the glue to harden.

Maddex working on his first egg
First egg failure
Second egg drying before we add even more glue

Early Sunday morning before the sun was up we started the building process. The girls covered their egg in makeup pads, paper, and tape. Mom covered her’s in makeup pads and a plastic case. I cut a 2 liter bottle in half. Put water in the bottle to balance the fall. Suspended the egg in the middle with plastic wrap then put the bottle back together.

Girls working on their egg
Eggs ready for round one

Drop – Round one

Time to drop the eggs. The kids went down below with mom and I went into our bedroom window. I yelled “ready?” and started tossing the eggs out the window one at a time. We went in Age order. Dad first. Dad did not make it. The 2 liter landed sideways and the egg cracked on impact. Mom’s did not make it either. Mom did not expect it to make it. She wanted in on the action and quickly tossed together her entry. Maddex’s egg bounced a few times before coming away without a crack. The girl’s egg dropped without leaking. With all of the layers and tape around the egg we could not tell if it cracked or not.

Girls checking out their egg after it dropped

Back inside mom carefully cut the girls egg out of its nest. Halfway in we discovered the egg had cracked.

Winner of round one Maddex Miller.

Maddex with an odd smile and the winning egg

Drop – Round Two

Mom was not up to fixing her entry. Instead, she helped the girls cover their egg up with additional padding. This time around they added a pillow and more tape for additional padding. Maddex figured he would let it ride and do nothing to his egg; pretty much bragging it was invincible. I cut up some 750ml bottles and added side-impact zones to the 2 liter bottle. Back up into the bedroom, we go to drop some more eggs. This time, Maddex came upstairs with me to drop some of the eggs.

Round two entries
Side supports
Throw it already

Round two everyone was a winner; All of the eggs survived. After not breaking for two drops Maddex changed the challenge to what does it take to break his egg. He took it outside and threw it against things, bashed it, threw it up into the air and let it fall. Still no egg breaking. After he gave up came in and set the egg down I gave it a look and you could see a tiny bit of yoke leaking out of a hole in the glue. Sometime during the bashing, he must have broken the egg, but the glue was holding it all together.

Sunday Eggdrop challenge fun day – successful.

Egg Drop Video

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