We Obtained a Dog

TLDR – We got a dog. Three year old Akita Collie mix named Chief

Mila Needs a dog

Mila started asking for a dog a while ago. She planted the seed that grew into all of the kids asking for a dog. Michelle finally came on board and did some looking online where to find a dog. Shelters in Ireland list most dogs as “great dog NO KIDs” – Dogs.ie listed mostly puppies costing loads of money. Michelle and I were not excited about raising a puppy or paying gobs of money for a dogo. The next place Michelle looked was in a Dog re-homing list on Facebook where she posted asking if anyone had an older dog needing a new home

Mila and her Happy dog on the couch

We got a dog

Someone from Cork reached out to Michelle offering a 3-year-old Collie Akita mix named Chief. After some back and forth the owner drove the dog up to our place Saturday, May 1 and dropped off chief. So far he’s a great dog. Came with a great prebuilt infeature-set. Does not pull on leed, sits, is not bothered bring confronted with a pile of kids wanting to play with him all at once, does not chase other dogs. Right now he’s on some blankets in my office watching me sit at the desk. Last night he slept at on my feet – feels like he’s picked me to be the alpha already – Mila is not happy about this. 

Kids are happy to have a dog. They could hardly sleep the day before he arrived. Woke up earlier screaming today is dog day. When we got him we had to walk him around the neighborhood and show him off to the kids mates, and give everyone a chance to walk him. 

Cat not so sure about a dog


Dog bed under the spare desk in the office
Where he spends the day while the kids are at school and I’m at work
He came with some art work
Khaleesi and Mila out with Chief on a walk
He needed some grooming and bathing on delivery – one of many hair balls brushed out of his coat
Happy safe sleeping position next to my leg at night
Playing in the kids forts
Dogo and Maddex out for a morning swim walking with dad


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