Dublin Randoms 2019 – Episode 3

TLDR – Long time in the making (3 months). Saint Paddy’s day, Mats, Sick kids, Jello Shots, Cross eyes kids, Rock in the head, New TV, Rope swing, and some other odds and ends

I’ve been slowly adding to this post for a few months now and it keeps getting bigger and I keep putting off editing it. Figured it was time to finish it off and start a new one. Less than a 1,000 words and loads of pictures.

Saint Paddy’s days, tattoos, parade, and a Picnic

Saint Paddy’s not Patty’s day, learn to pronounce it or else an Irish person will slap you in the belly with a wet fish. We went and watched a local parade in Stepaside for Saint Paddy’s day. It was a bit cold and a bit wet but the kids still enjoyed it. Colin told us it’s not an irish parade until you see the tractor. The parade had 3 tractors.



Picnic dinner in the living room after the parade

Sick kiddos – sad face

We had about two weeks of Sickness in the house.  One kid would be sick at a time for 2-4 days per kid. Roxi had it the worst. Took her about 5 days to recover enough to be called cured. Shortly after she was sick she came close to my dream of a kid falling asleep in their food. She passed out working on a puzzle.



Roxi passed out putting a puzzle together
Not during the great sickness, but a good picture of what the couch bed looked like in the mornings when the kids were sick.

Roxi hit Mila with a Rock

Roxi threw a rock and hit Mila in the head and wow did Mila get a bump. Was much smaller by morning. Roxi kind of said sorry but who knows if she understood what she did or not. No more rocks in the playroom since.


Right after the injury – taking a picture slowed down the crying a bit

Kids in the playroom with mats

The kids have been into building forts in the playroom with their mats. Their best was a 2 bedroom, 2 secret room house complete with roof. On of our last Ikea orders I tossed in three more mats bringing their total up to 9; 6 green and three pinks.

one room mat fort
Legos everywhere
Multi-room mat fortress

Even more mats

We did another Ikea order this week to pick up a desk for Maddex and some other random organization things. In the order was five more floor mats for the kids. They were on sale and I figured they could build larger buildings with more mats. Maddex was the first to make a two-story building. Mila watched, learned and built the next one. This morning Maddex sent me a picture of a Three story building. I asked him for a selfie and he took his first watch controlled remote selfie. He set up his phone on a stand, got on top of this building and snapped a picture using his apple watch as the trigger – Go go selfies.


Maddex sent me this picture while I was at work and I asked to see him on top
His first selfie – on top of two-story mat building
Mila hanging on the second story of one of her buildings

Jello Shots and a big shirt

Momma made some Jello shots while Brad was here and Roxi somehow ended up in my shirt. Hope she never grows into it.

There might be Vodka in these – and the kids might not have liked them
My shirt is kind of big on Roxi

Kittens – welcome Snowflake and Midnight

Derek and his Wife Melissa took us for a drive to pick up two kittens; Thanks guys. Midnight and Snowflake are their names. Boy and a girl. The darker cat, Midnight, is the girl. They take all of the abuse the kids have dished out and keep coming back for more; Great kittens.

Kittens snuggling with dad
The kittens just arrived at the house and all of the kids want to meet them


Cross eyes and a dino head

After hours and hours of practice, maybe a few minutes, Mila learned how to cross her eyes. After that Maddex and I were at Lidl to obtain some peanuts. They had some Masks there that Maddex simply had to try on. He was a bit sad we did not bring it home with us.



Beads Bikes and Climbing

Totally random pictures for no reason


Kids playing with iron bead things
Maddex on top of some play structure

Maddex made a rope swing

Maddex setup a rope swing in a tree in front of the house. The rope he found on the beach in Spain and brought home with us in January. Not sure where the stick came from he’s sitting on, but he found it and engineered it into the swing. The hat, that came from Microsoft back in the times when I used to understand gravity.



Guest room TV

We’re having a few guests stay with us for months at a time over the summer. We figured it would be nice to set up a TV for them. Maddex and I spotted a nice floor model in Dundrum on a library trip. We went back a few days later to purchase the TV. 43″ for 200euro, not too bad. We hauled it home on the LUAS with a folding hand truck no questions or odd looks at all.

Waiting for the LUAS with a TV in a box

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