Dublin Randoms – One

Part one in a series of Random picture collections from our life in Dublin. Going to start posting some of the random pictures we take in daily life to capture things that are not part of trips or adventures. This is the first installment in that series.

Pictures of the kids from the last month

We don’t have a car in Ireland, but the kids and I have scooters. We started out with cheap scooters and as the kids have progressed in skill we’ve upgraded their scooters. I’m into a French scooter company called Globber; all of their upgrades are from Globber. Mila was the first upgrade with a three-wheel Globber model. Maddex’s upgrade showed up this week delivered to the house while we were on vacation. He ended up with the same scooter I ride, only his is white.


Khaleesi likes to wait for the other kids to fall asleep at night then she sneaks down into the kitchen and waits hiding next to the living room door trying to get my attention on the couch. Once she has my attention I distract mom, give her a nod, and she runs onto the couch then snuggles up next to me and falls asleep. It’s hard to resist her. One night, after the kids went to sleep, Michelle was working and I was working so Khaleesi was not able to sneak into the living room. I guess she was hiding by the front door waiting on us to go into the living room, then she laid down and took a nap.


Maddex made a mini me at school. I think he did an amazing job getting my key features.


Picture of Maddex on top of a bridge in his school uniform. This particular day we took a different route home on our scooters and went magnet fishing off of some bridges. He’s holding up something metal we found.


Every once in a while we take the kids to a dollar store called Dealz and let them buy one thing. The girls bought some makeup this month and used it all up in a few days painting their faces.



On an evening walk, the girls all wanted to be like dad and carry a baby on their backs. They did not have packs so they improvised with hoods


We came from 20 acres in the stats with dirt and unlimited places for the kids to dig. Our place in Dublin is stone in the front and wood deck in the back. The MillFam needed some dirt to play in and track into the house. We started with one turtle and a few bags of sand. Now we’re up to two turtles and claim shell and more sand. We probably need to pick up some more bags of sand soon.


We bought the kids mask painting kits at Dealz. The results were a bit creepy


Mila’s doll was crying super loud because it was hungry one night on a walk to a play park. So she wiped out her boob and feed it. The doll was much happier afterward.


Work has a dream space set up to educate and inspire kids and teens. One of the features is are large foam rubber blocks. Some of the blocks are coloured to match Minecraft blocks. First time I took the kids into the dream space on a weekend they had to build a house



Pictures from around the house in the last month

Mr. Martin Mainer, Drino, developed our first couch bed many moons ago when he lived with us in Woodinville, WA. We’ve had a couch bed in our living space ever since. When we set up the living room in KillGoblin we had to build a couch bed. This is our largest couch bed yet made up of 2 Ikea L shaped couches, loads of pillows, and some memory foam mattress toppers.


Mustard goes in the fridge – no matter what a Mainer says.


When we moved into our current house there was a corner desk in the kitchen. Figured why not, and set up my office space in the kitchen on the built-in desk. It’s great to be around the family most of the time, untill it comes to Conference call time. Luckily my headset has the range allowing me to walk around the house and find a quiet place.


The house has a sunroom we’ve turned into the kids playroom. Most nights they have to clean it before bedtime. But that does not matter because it always seems to be a mess


We brought some basic tools with us in the move, and we’ve slowly bought more as we’ve needed them or found them for a good price in the middle of Aldi or Lidls. Slowly we ended up with more tools then we were able to randomly stash around the house and we had to buy a took cabinet. Right now it’s in the laundry room, eventually, it’ll end up in the lab when we finish kitting it out


When we travel we take a bunch of nerd things needing chargers. Thankfully most of those things take USB power to charge. Sadly most charging cables are different lengths. I started with a 5 port Anker charger and 5 long cables in a nice cable wrap. The long cables were annoying to travel with. Last week I upgraded to 6″ cables and a wireless bed for my apple watch and phone mounted on top of the Anker unit. Used some hot glue to put all together and bam, better charge thing – happy how it turned out



Cable thing on my desk at work before making it shorter


Pictures from Microsoft shot in the last month

When we first moved here I was working in a 20+ year old building and there was a new building being built. When were going to move into the new building space was going to be a premium and some people were going to end up in hot-swap desks. Work encouraged people to give up as much as possible before the move. One of the things people gave up was their tenure crystals. – I knew I was going to have some space for things and did not need to discard things. Some of the discarded crystals ended up in my Dublin Crystal collection, and some of those now live on the window next to my desk. At the right time they make rainbows on peoples faces as they hang out around my desk

Crystal collection

One of the, looks cool features in the new building is a thing the architects call a digital waterfall. The blue area in the floor is lite up with thousands of LED lights and can make all kinds of pictures. The vertical glass behind the floor lights up based on the primary colour of the floor. It looks pretty cool. The kids want to swim on it every time they visit.


Sitting at my desk at work to the left is east. As the sun comes up the blinds are not adequate to block the sun from blinding the side of my head. To help block the sun I’ve been slowly adding monitors to block out the sun. The two leftmost vertically mounted 27″ monitors don’t do much more than block the sun. One is not even plugged in. The one in the middle Isometimess run a web cam on to look out the window – Frist work problems right?  – The main monitor is a 43″


One of my daily rules is to never pee in the same washroom. I like to drink liters of water, which means I have to pee often. Walking around the building to different toilets I do my best to mix up the routes. A few weeks ago I found a space I’d never been in before with rock pillows


Walking around work the other day I noticed the starts of a bird next On the third floor east side of the building- wonder how long before it’s removed?
Bought a taller bookshelf for work that sat in our laundry room for a month before Maddex and I hauled it into work on a hand truck and built it. Happy with the result


Bonus picture

I might need to think about doing something different with my hair soon


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