KevThought | The Colonoscopy ending

Short || The end of an experience matters a great deal on how people feel when they think about the experience. When you close an interaction with anyone make sure the ending is pleasant.

Longer version with the colonoscopy tie in || When I get into thinking and typing work it works better when I listen to something to distract my enough for all of the thoughts to line up with the typing fingers. Today I’m listening to  Talks at Google Video – When I get into the zone I let Auto play take over and pick the next thing for me. After listening to Nick  Offerman talk about his latest book YouTube picked Dan Ariely: On Dating & Relationships | Talks at Google for me to listen to.

I’m listening along then I hear the question “How would you design the perfect date” and Dan’s response goes into a response that’s basicly “One of things we know is the ending matters a great deal. We know this because of the nicest experiment on this is a colonoscopy” – the question starts at time stamp 1:46. Then I get all interested and start listening, and his example and statement fell profound to me. I listened a few more times and take it in.

The basics of a study: – colonoscopy’s hurt, right? let me tell you, They do. In the study they asked doctors to leave the scope in for a few minutes after they were done. Leave it in and make it not uncomfortable so the last few minutes were not completely unpleasant. the Study found patients were more favorable about the procedure when the scope was left in at the end because it made their experience and memory better overall, and gave them a positive part to hold on to.

Over time we tend to modify our memories. Over time, if you have a positive ending to your memory you tend to have a more positive memory. –

Lesson || No matter how your interaction is with another person make sure the ending is pleasant if you want to create an overall positive experience and memory. // Don’t go to bed angry.

Pictures, yeah pictures

now for a few pictures of the MillFam over the last weeks since my last post – because every post needs some pictures

Roxi at the top of her first Mountain climb
Family Pedicures
Building Beauty and Beast Lego Castle
Fixed the Four wheeler and took Mila for a Ride
Mila showing off the new front tires
Yes we put up our Xmass Tree already
Mila and Khaleesi showing off Mila’s bed tree
Kids were so excited to decorate the tree, they removed all of the ornaments and decorated again
Daddy Daughter ferry ride to seattle to pick up some free stuff

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