Khaleesi and Michelle Older

TLDR – Khaleesi turned 7; we took her to Airfield to check out Pigs. Michelle turned <redacted> and we had a picnic dinner in the playroom.

Khaleesi 7

Wes and Carie are visiting in August and Sept for a number of weeks and are privy to join us for Khaleesi and Michelle’s birthdays. Khaleesi’s Birthday had the most adventure, we actually left the house. Khaleesi wanted a pig for her birthday. There are laws against owning livestock at a house in Ireland, we don’t own the house we live in, not to mention, our back garden is too small to host a pig, even a mini pig -sooo no pig. Trying to give Khaleesi something pig like we took her to Air Field in Dundrum which is a small farm open to tours where they have a few pigs.

Before setting off to the farm and pigs we had breakfast and round one of opening gifts. We set off for the farm around 11:00 on a warm sunny Irish day. Luas to Balally followed by a short walk to the Farm. At the farm we toured around and took in the sites: the kids played in the playground, we had ice cream and treats, climbed some trees, saw some pigs, made some notebooks, and a few other bits and bobs. We stopped by Dundrum on the walk home where we had some frozen yogurt and snacks. Normally we get one or two and split them, today everyone got their own.

Back at home, we had some dinner with cake to wrap up the day – nothing too amazing but a great day nonetheless.

Frozen Yogurt at Dundrum
Climbing trees in airfield
Birthday gift morning
Cake and candles and stuff

Michelle turned <redacted>

As soon as everyone was awake on Michelle’s birthday morning the kids had mom unwrap all of the gifts they’d picked out and wrapped for her. Michelle went out shopping on her birthday by herself, a nice break. For dinner, the girls set up a restaurant in the playroom complete with candles and a menu. I cooked up a Bobli pizza we ate/were served for dinner. The Menu had a number of items on it we did not order or had stocked in the house. I wonder what the girls would have said had we ordered them.

Gift morning for mom
The girl’s setup a restaurant for us
Pizza dinner

Bonus Pictures



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