Malaga Trip 2019 – in Four parts

TLDR – We went to Malaga for two weeks in December. Everyone but dad was sick part of the trip, which did prevent us from having a good time at the playgrounds or on the beaches.

Malaga trip overview


I wrote the trip out in four parts and waited to make it home to finish them off, then posted all of them off at once. Figured I’d also write up an overview of the four posts that’s more shareable:

  • Part 1 – We made it to Malaga. Michelle spent a few days in bed while the kids and I played at a few parks, in a train station mall, and spent some time at the beach
  • Part 2 – Michelle is still sick, more Daddy kids adventures. Last night in Malaga Michelle was well enough to explore more of the city around the harbor and the bull arena
  • Part 3 – Moved down the coast to Torremolinos. The new place has an oven and a living room, and more sickness, great beaches, a Huge CarreFour, and a nice slide
  • Part 4 – Xmas day we opened gifts then took a train to the big slides in Malaga. Saint Stephens day we spent at the beach. Friday dad works followed by a beach day. Saturday we fly home. – Everyone is healthy just in time to fly home.

Some Videos from the trip

Mila and I made a video of her dancing in front of the playgrounds we visited on the trip. There were so many great playgrounds in the city; dream place for kids.

Vlog covering parts 1 and 2


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