Xmas Malaga – part IV

TLDR- Xmas slides in Malaga, Saint Stephens day at the beach, Friday work and beach day then home. – Everyone is healthy just in time to fly home.

Xmas morning

Michelle is at 80% today – Mila and the girls woke around 0600 and we started opening socks as soon as they turned on the lights and saw them. Michelle warped some stuff and put gifts in the kid’s actual socks last night before bed. She sure enjoys wrapping and setting up for the kids. We voted and went with the have at it approach vs the one at a time opening method. A few seconds later everything was open and someone had smeared chocolate on the couch bed.

Presents setup for the kids to open
Opening it all as once


Huge slide park

After Xmas morning set off for the slides of Malaga. We made it through the train ticket thing just in time to crawl through the tunnel under the tracks and make the train. Pretty sure the driver waited for us; thanks, train driver. We got off the train the first stop after the airport. GPS told us a 55-minute walk to the park; maybe we should have taken the next stop. We did not follow the GPS, we knew a better route from last year and made it in less than 40 minutes. When we saw the big green hill with slides the kids got super excited, screamed and ran up the hill for the slide!

The big slide on the hill

Sliding down the turf on cardboard appears to entertain the kids more than sliding down the slides. Either way, they are having a blast. We hit two of the other three playgrounds in the park before the hour walk back to the train station. On the walk we picked up some ice cream and found three more playgrounds. One of the playgrounds had a large pirate ship in it; fun.

Pirate ship behind a dancing Mila
Waiting for the train home

Naps and beach

Back in our new home town, we found a Burger King that was open and picked up lunch as take away and ate at home. Michelle crawled into Maddexs bed after lunch and passed out. Around five we tried to wake her but she was not having it. We’d worn her out. Oh well, we’ll go without her. Down the secret squirrel stairs to the beach to swim and dig holes. We played till the sunset and walked home in the dark. Maddex complained of being cold due to being drenched from his swim.

Maddex heading out into the sunset
Digging holes with the girls

No one rode in the stroller yet I carried it down and up the stairs. Thinking no stroller tomorrow when we head to the beach.

Little note I sent to Michelle

Healthy Saint Stephens day

New day – Michelle is at 90%, no one else is sick, I don’t have to work, and places are open. Time to go out and enjoy the day. First, stop battery park for some slides and the spinning teeter-totter things. The kids played on the spinning thing for a good half hour making up some games involving water bottles. It’s always pleasing to watch them play so well together like this; getting along, and being a family.

Kids playing their spinning game


At the end of the park is a large white tower surrounded by anti-aircraft batteries, must be why they call this battery park? We climbed the ramp up the tower and took in the view for a bit. I picked up Khaleesi and moved her too close to the railing causing her to scream. I felt like a dick scaring her. Was just trying to help her see over the solid railing- Lesson learned. Down the hill from the park across a few streets we made it to the beach.

Tower thing we climbed
20191226_100929914_iOS 2.heic.jpg
View from on top



Beach time

Everyone ended up wet, covered in sand and worn out from the fun. There was a thin cloud cover out. Enough to take the bite off the sun but still let enough sun in to keep us warm. Perfect day for hanging out at the in the sand. Some couple was asking us “how are you not freezing” as we were showering the kids off after playing. We told them we come from Ireland 22 is the height of summer for us. They said “oh that makes sense


They made a crab
He is sitting in a deep deep hole. – had issues getting out, was great.
Leave the beach to wash the sand off
We count three cats in this picture

We’re in a beach town with loads of restaurants and shops on a walk along the beach. Along the walk, we counted a good 30 stray cats all along the walk. So many cats in this town. We’ve been counting cats when we go out. We walked a good 2k along the water before turning left into town and walking up about 10,000 stairs. The stairs felt like they were never ended. First, stop in town a Chinese bazaar to purchase MIla a gold waving cat. Next stop chips and kababs for take away for lunch.

Mila with her waving are cat

The chips did not last long we stopped in at Mcdonalds for a few more orders of chips to eat on the walk home. After lunch and afternoon nap time we walked back to the beach for some more time in the sand. Many holes were dug and filled in with kids in them before sunset and we walked home.

Another visit to the beach for the day
They called the man on the moon Kevin

Last day here – work and the beach

Friday is our last full day here and I have to work. Michelle and the kids set off for a park first thing in the morning. Michelle texted me from the park “close parks are not that great, and the kids are being snots coming home”  Back at home the kids were nuts; can confirm they are being snots. Lucky for me no calls and not many tickets. Michelle took the girls to Carrefour for some shopping and Maddex stayed back with me to play on his switch. He had private time in his room while I worked.

The girls made it back around two, watched one Full House then we took off to the beach for our last beach visit. The waves were crashing hard on the beach tonight. At first, we did not want the kids near the water other then Maddex. Eventually, we gave in and let the kids play in the surf. They were digging holes and letting the waves fill in their holes. Another kids playing together so well we did not want it to end. We let them play for a long time. – Great night at the beach.

Momma found a drink
Maddex trying to build a sandcastle at the edge of the surf
Girls joined Maddex in the surf

From the beach, it’s back home to eat everything else in the house, pack and get annoyed at the kids jumping all over the place before bed. Then they were sleeping.

Headed home

0500 out the door for the train station to the airport. Sad face train station does not open until 0630am. This could be an issue as the airport is an hour and a half walk away and we flight leaves in three hours. Oh well, let’s start walking; it’s a nice morning.  A short walk away we ran into a Van taxi in front of a hotel waiting for a fare. For 15e he drove all of us to the airport less than 20 minutes away by van.



Breakfast with chips

The last time we were at the airport there was a burger king under construction; Today it’s all done. Chips for breakfast, yes, please! The flight home was not too bad. The passport line was longer than normal. About 20 minutes from the end someone asked if anyone had a GNIB card “Yes we do. We would love to skip ahead” That saved us 20 minutes. We walked out of the airport and there was a 700 leopards town Aircoach right there waiting for us.

This one sat on my lap the whole bus ride home

Aircoach was a no vomit ride home. We were going to get off at Sandyford and LUAS home, but the LUAS was shut down due to a power issue at a different stop. Guess we are walking home from the Clayton- Trains have failed us today.

More Pictures


Another slide in the good park
The climbed up and ate ice cream in the nests


Khaleesi is finally feeling better – no shower after a few days in bed. The hair is ratty




Testing the hole out to see if it’s deep enough
Momma and Mila working on a turtle
Time to cover the boy in sand


Eventually he made it out
Khaleesi covered her castle with shells
Covering their feet with the sand
Khaleesi drew a big head guy
Eating bread sticks harassing dad while he works
Big waves crashing
Baby – I took you to a beach again
Khaleesi is learning Goat Yoga on top of Maddex
Dad and Mila on the bus



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