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Their is a 99.3% chance the MillFam6 will be relocating to Dublin Ireland starting in the summer months of 2017- Dates and details still being worked out. While in Dublin last year Mr. Ashwin, the Boss, said bla bla would you like to move to Dublin bla bla – and I said let me check with Michelle. I said to Michelle “would like to move to… ” Michelle cut me off and said, well mostly said let me paraphrase”Dublin, yes lets go, when can we move? what about the kids in school, what are the schools like over there? We have to wait untill august we have a thing in July, is this happening? Dublin, really? Ok lets go!

Time passed, and conversations were had – and it now looks like ok this will most likely happen. It was simple to say yes let’s do this in the beginning, then we did more digging and worked out logistics and costs ETC, and wow lots of things. Oh well F-it we’ll figure them out and do it – we love Adventure.

Things we give up / Things we gain

Questions I’ve been asked, and things we’ve thought about.

  • Will you make more money? – no, less money based on all kinds of numbers. I’ll be doing the same job. But the taxes are ~22% here, and ~42% over there. Thats a pay cut. No more 30k a year into the 401k, or 6k a year into the HSA. There goes 300k + in investment over a few years of compound interest between now and when we move back if we do. Did I mention we’ll have to rent a house / have a house payment again; ewwww
  • What about the house you just built? – Trenton is having a kid in July and will need a place to raise kid. He is going to move into the house and take care of it for us. Yes we have great fire alarms, and excellent insurance, and we’ll move the guns out, and dig up most of the money.
  • How long are you going for? – Effectively work is providing a one way trip. If we want to come back then I need to find another job state side willing to move me. We figure 2 years minimum. If we make it 3 we’ll stay for 5 and obtain backup passports. We’re not sure, we’re planning on adventure and thats about it.
  • Why are you going? – Michelle and I, and the kids all enjoy travel. Aer Lingus offers flights starting at 20$ round trip from Dublin to most of the EU. We’re going for the adventures and memories. In the next few years our kids will experience most every country in the EU, they will see places, and meet people, and have experiences that will help shape who will they will become. – But your kids are young will they remember it all? – With pictures and video and words they will remember much
  • What stuff are you planning to move? – We’re going to move with checked baggage, and maybe a 3’x3’x3′ box. Anything else we need we’ll pick up over there. We’ll rent a furnished house and live with minimal stuff while we Dublin. This is an odd part for us-  We have 4000+ kids books, 1000#+ of Legos, Kids clothing for all future years, all of the musical instruments; So much stuff for our kids futures – I have every nearly  tool ever, even an excavator. We are not going to move that stuff,  we’re leaving it here for our return. Our focus in Dublin will be travel and adventure; not accumulation of stuff, or building things. When we come back we’ll come back with checked baggage, and give the rest away.
  • Will you get a car over there? – most likely nope.  You have to be in Ireland 6 months before you can apply then it’s 6 months of learner permit, 12 one hour classes, some tests, some more time periods – ETC. so much work. Trains, and buses, rent cars as needed, and walking  – we’ll figure it out.
  • Can I come stay with you? – Hell yes you can come stay with us. We’re going to find a place with a guest room and figure someone will use it once a month or so. We’re looking forward to using house guests as an excuse to explore Ireland and the tourist traps. Be warned we might ask you to bring us things in your luggage.

Taking family pictures can be a challenge – some of the out takes







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