Nails and Shopping 2

TLDR – Gabi is, mega sadly, moving to Poland in a month. To create some legendary memories the girls bought matching outfits and we set off for a repeat of our nail adventure from 2 years ago plus hair plus some shopping and foods.

Matching outfits

Thursday, before our nails and hairs adventure, Michelle took the girls to Dundrum shopping for matching outfits. Between Zara, HnM, and Pennie’s the girls were able to find what they were looking for. Of course, they picked up some McDonald’s before dealing with epic traffic on the drive home.

Matching outfits, Matching Nails, Matching hairs

Saturday Adventure day

Woke the girls around 0815 with the hopes of leaving the house before 0930. Mila made smoothies. I made cinnamon rolls and waffles to fill in the rest of breakfast. Girls were running around the house on a hyperactive maniac spree trying to eat and dress. Was a blast to watch! With a hefty rush, we managed to get on the LUAS before 0930 headed for the city.

Off the LUAS with plenty of time before our appointment at Hillary salon we popped into SuperValue for sweets on the way. Mila can be so cute she looked at a few things she deemed as costly, looked at me, and I said “let’s get it” Then she would get all excited and glow a bit. Today is meant to create memories might as well say yes to everything and make it special. After picking out white and pink polish the girls sat down side by side with a glass of orange juice to have their nails painted. Glass of orange juice was almost a mimoso minus the bubbly.

After the nails, we moved on to the hairstyles. The owner of the salon, Hillary, actually recognized the girls from our last visit a few years ago. Hillary set us up with a great lass who started braiding Mila’s hair first. She called in a lifeline to get the parts perfect, and to work out the Buns.  The girls were tasked with holding and handing out hair pins for the buns. They were grinning and giggling so hard they had no clue how many pins it took; I did ask them to count  The Girls picked out a double dutch braid into a Bun when I tasked them with coming up with a hair vision earlier in the week- The link the girls sent showing their hair vision – 

After the hair and nails, we carried on into the city to have a shop and snack. The first little shop was Claires for matching earrings and Mcdonald’s for fries. Had to stop at Claire’s because Mila’s earrings, I quote ” were not right for her life”  Next stop, Pennies to collect matching jumpers. The girls needed to fully match! none of this 80% matching with mismatched jumpers. We found fluffy matching jumpers, but no matching shoes; So close. The Sad stop, LUSH, the girls “sampled” a Halloween bubble bath. The Orange in the bomb turned their hands orange like a bad Irish girl fake tan. Took a good few washings to get everything off. Mila was scared and annoyed her white nails would be ruined, and her freshly cleaned cuticles had a coloured tint. Luckily it all came off; Happy days, was almost a disaster

By now girls are not super hungry for a fancy lunch anymore – we stopped for some nachos and guac near the spire, had to have avocados. At the LUAS we ran into an odd sight, three trains parked in a row – this is not going to be good – On the way to Nachos, we crossed through a protesting stream in city center. Seems the protestors are protesting for Gaza and Israel at the same time???; was difficult to tell from the shouts.  The protestors are walking down all of the major streets effectively halting all traffic in the city including the LUAS. Was not too horrible for us. The walk to Stephens Green where trains are moving again was only about 20 minutes, and bonus points, the next train was waiting there for us to board.

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