Dublin Randoms 2019 – Episode 3

TLDR – Gabby sleepover, Mom left us, New scooter for Mila, time at parks, Snow, Five guys, O’Neill visit, soup and a sauna. – Not many “big” adventures, it’s been cold and wet and Michelle left us.

Gabby Sleep over

Mila had a sleep over with her friend Gabby.  Gabby is Mila’s BFF from school. I’m all for sleep overs because it means less work for us as parents. More kids should equal more work based on math, but it means less work because the kids entertain themselves better with a bonus kid.



Library day – almost

Cullen came to hang out with us and visit the library one day. Instead of our regular walk towards the library in Dundrum we took a new route. We rode the LUAS to Millcreek, went to the play park there for a while, then walked back towards home to the Dundrum library. Mila staying the night at Gabby’s house the night before, and they took in an early movie at the theater in Stillorgon. Gabby’s mom dropped Mila off at the park so she could come with us.  On the walk to the park Maddex, Cullen and I slow walked magnet fishing in the river.

Magnet fishing
Roxi has balance and no fear – she climbed up this thing no problem for the slide

There were some crazy angry clouds over the park made more angry by the sun all around us. We were playing in the sun surrounded by dark angry clouds. Made for some cool ominous lighting.

Sunny park, super angry dark clouds


When we made it to the library we found out the library is closed for lunch; sad face. Oh well we had a secondary mission for the day. I’d read a rating of fries earlier in the week and it ranked Five guys as having the best fries. There’s a five guys in Dundrum; our mission was to sample their fries and work out if we agreed or not. – They have some #baller fries thats for sure.  After Fries and burgers back to the library then home.

mmmm food !! their biggest booth, and I ended up sitting in a chair on the side
Cullen at like a burger and a hot dog, some peanuts, and fries – Kid can EAT!

Mom left us and Took Roxi


Michelle packed up some bags, and Roxi then left us to travel  back to the states. She left the kids all alone with dad for 10 sleeps. – Someday momma will write all about that. The kids and I survived, but we sure did miss momma.

Momma and Roxi headed to the Air coach for the airport. 
Mila missed her mom a bit – She wore mom’s jacket to be close to her while she was gone


Shortly after mom left us, on the anniversary of last years beast from the east snow store that delivered about 2 feet of snow to Dublin we had a light dusting of snow. Enough for the kids to play in and make a tiny snow man, but not enough to end the world and cause bread shortages.

Kids watching the snow in the back yard super excited to play in it
Tiny snow man, complete with carrot nose

Mila’s new Scooter

The rear wheel bearings blew out of Mila’s three wheel scooter forcing Mila to ride one of our spare 2 wheel scooters. She was enjoying it and said she was ready to move up to a 2 wheel scooter. We ordered her a mid range 2 wheel folding scooter in white and purple from our scooter manufacturer of choice, Globber.

Mila giving her new scooter a test run

Flying Tiger and O’Neill visit

Saturday before mom made it back home the kids and I went on an epic scooter run past Dundrum to Nut Grove to shop at Flying Tiger and Mr. Price for treats. I told the kids we made it 10 days, and they each had 10 euros to spend between the two shops . On the way back we stopped in at the O’Neill house for a visit. Collin had just left for a game but Jenny and the kids were there and invited us in for a visit. The girls played with some clay and the boys did boy things. Jenny and I caught up yelling over the kids.

Leaving I thanked Jenny for letting us stay and she made a comment that made crack up inside thinking, moms have similar issues. She said “ It was two hours the kids were not jumping on top of me” – I can lay in the living room for an hour and the kids leave me alone. 3 seconds after Michelle comes into snuggle and BAM! all of the kids are jumping on top of us.

The boys showing off Minecraft tricks

Some more pictures

Mila, Gabby and Gabby’s little sister
Khaleesi sleeping  with me – food around the mouth still
The girls in their Grandma created matching outfits
Maddex and Cullen walking towards Sandyford LUAS stop
Khaleesi on the Zip line at the Millcreek park
Mila in front of something neat looking between Mill Creek and Dundrum
Sisters liking each other
DAD! can I go out in the snow – sure. 
Gotta make a snow man


Mila in love with her new scooter
Kids playing Marco Polo at a play park
John’s Tesco order as Michelle made it home and ingredients for Sausage soup – Michelle got the hint and made some for John. Bacon, Sausage, potato, carrots, water, salt and pepper – from the Irish cookbook. It’s good stuff
Khaleesi with some huge hands. 
Sauna Selfie




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