Nails and Shopping

TLDR – Mila, Gabi, and I went to get their nails done and shopping in city center for Gabi’s birthday


The girls finally stopped giggling and screaming enough to dress themselves around 0900. Not sure what they were doing all morning but, like always, it was loud. At first they were going to wear Pajama tops with short shorts looking like were not wearing pants. Told them it was a bit too cold for that and they did not object too much, went upstairs and put on some pants – Win. Outfits for the day, Pajama tops, pants and jackets.   On the walk to the LUAS they ran ahead a bit and yelled nearly in unison “Ya baby let’s have some sex” These two girls are nuts! Great Best friends enjoying life. Enjoy experiencing them living their best lives.

On the Luas ready for adventure.

The plan for the day is to visit some nail salons until we find one with room to take the girls and give them manicures. Gabi’s Birthday was this month and today Mila and I are taking her out for some adventure. First stop on our LUAS ride, Ranelagh. From the stop, we walked south a bit down Ranelagh road until we found Hillary Salon. I tried to reach out to them via email and Facebook earlier in the week to book something but failed to connect with them. They were open, busy, and said no problem doing the girl’s nails.

The girls took off their jackets, picked out colours, and sat down at the nail stations. They only had one nail tech open, so the girls are going one at a time. As soon as they sat down someone came around and gave the girls some juice, and offered me Tea or coffee. Mila commented with a huge smile ” We’re so spoiled this is like being at the spa” The girls picked out three colours alternating them on their fingers; a pink, blue and a white. After Mila’s nails were finished Gabi had her turn. While getting their nails done the girls smiled, giggled, chatted a bit, shared juice from one cup with 2 straws, and let me take a bunch of pictures. Don’t even care about the price (16e) the smiles on the faces of these two was worth every penny – They had such a great time.

The Salon was great, I can see us visiting there again. On the way out, as I was paying, Mila asked if they could reach into a bowl at the counter and take a candy. The man behind the counter said sure take all you want. Mila and Gabi instantly jammed their hands in and both took a handful. Giggles from them and laughter from the adults. Their handfuls of candy were gone by the time we reached the LUAS stop.

Mila went first, Gabi drank her juice like she’d not had anything to drink in days
Best picture of the day || Relationship goals – have a friend who looks at you like Mila is looking at Gabi – They had such a great time.

Shopping in City Center

Finished with their nails, bellies digesting sugar, we hopped back onto the LUAS for Stephans green. Off the LUAS onto Grafton street first stop Gelato at Gino’s. They have a sour apple green Gelato I’m in love with. The girls each picked Nutella with marshmallows and puzzle-shaped sprinkles on top. The girls tell me we are headed for Pennys followed by H&M to look for matching outfits. We walked over the Liffey to the big Pennys near the GPO where the girls found a few outfits. Stopped in to a Haloween shop then back over the Liffey to H&M near Stephans Green where we picked up a few more outfits.

Shopping for matching things
Protect the BFF in front of the spooky shop
Blue steel and a goof at Molly Malone – They had to stop to check out her Boobs. Gabi what if I get smaller boobs than you? – Too bad for you sucks to be you. – Girl talk is entertaining to listen too
On the LUAS headed home

More Pictures

Picking out colours
Dad this is so fun! when can we do it again?
Gabi put the straw in my mouth I don’t have hands
Gabi’s turn getting her nails filed
Gabi Focusing on the nail painting
All done – They tried to convince someone they were twins. They did not get away with it
Mila showing off the finished product

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