Office Move – To the Bedroom

TLDR – Wila, the gal who moved into the house to watch Chief during our states Holiday is staying with us for a bit. She is getting my office space on the top floor for her room. My office is moving into our bedroom.

Before and After

The First setup was done under time constraints and moving into the house setup stress. Needed to have the office up to go to work and move into the house and have places to sleep all at the same time; BUSY + STRESS – The setup was not horrible, but it was not my best. Bedroom setup I had a few days to set it up without any other stresses. Plus having easy access to behind the desk, rolling around the room to have access, the new setup is much cleaner.  – New office is only one flight of stairs from the kitchen. The old office was three flights of stairs from the kitchen – Honestly, going to miss all of the stair climbing.

Before setup on the top floor of the house
Current setup on wheels in the bedroom

New setup

The bedroom minus the bed space is about 4.7 square meters / 50 square feet of space. To best use the space for an office and bedroom my vision is to get a desk on wheels and park it in the corner at night. Purchased a Trotten manual standing desk from Ikea 160cmx80cm. Looking at the specs for the desk I found four M8 15mm casters on Amazon. Wheels fit perfectly and roll around the room with ease. The Trotten desk has sideways H-shaped legs with 7.5mm wide platforms at the bottom. Which was plenty of space to mount a subwoofer on one side and a desktop PC on the other side; Straped and zip-tied to the desk.

The Wireless Future we were promised required an 8 port power strip to power everything. The desk has a 1.5-meter-long wire tail with a long HDMI cable for the second PC supporting the top screen, a network cable, and one power cable. The tail provides enough slack to move the desk all about the room. Worked here a few days now and I’m pleased with the setup. Being able to move the desk around and access all of the wires behind the desk made wire management easier.

Monitor layout – Desk kit

Desk setup is four monitors

  • The top most monitor is for youtube – I like having some sound in the background while working. It’s a 27″ Dell 2k monitor.
  • The widescreen monitor in the middle is the main work area screen. It’s a 34″ Samsung WQHD monitor.
  • Below on the desk is a 15″ USB-C 2k HD monitor used for communications, Telegram, Signal, and Slack.  LOVE this monitor. Utlra portable can use with my laptop when traveling for a quick single cable second monitor.
  • To the right is a 28″ Acer 2k monitor. Primarily used for day trading.

Other bits on the desk are:

Few more pictures

Going to miss yelling down to the kids when they walk to the school. Nice view from the top floor
Pano of the view from old office
Monitors all mounted
Rear view end of the first night setup
Closer view of the wire mess – Not easy cleanly running so many wires
Audio working
Desk parked in the corner at night – view from bed.

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