Oracle Radoms 2019 – Episode 1

TLDR – Bike lockers, Shower logic, towel dryers and some desk fishing

Bike Lockers at work

We have a number of fancy bike garages around the Oracle campus provided to secure your bike and keep it dry while you’re at work. You need an access badge to enter and leave the lockers. The leave is a bit annoying to use, but nice from the point of view of security for your bike.  I’ve counted about 6 around the campus so far as I slowly explore, and I have a feeling there are more.

bike locker at 6am one morning
Two lockers side by side mid day
Locker all filled up during the day

Shower timers

I was randomly looking at things in the showers one morning last week and found a thing on the wall explaining, no bragging, about the button timer in the showers. It’s one of those Anti-trump save the world, conserve water things. The timer buttons are there to save water. I’m all for saving water until it affects my showers! – That might have been sarcasm, it might not have been, how can you tell with written words? With most things that annoy me in life having an explanation helps me understand and come to acceptance. – I guess I’ll give up and come to acceptance.

Oh goodie 35% reduction in water usage

The Drying room

No towels being supplied in the showers at work is a bummer to me, but reading the thing above about being green <shrug> I guess </shrug> it makes some sense. It costs water, and resources for towels to be single use. By supplying a room dedicated to drying things employees are encouraged to bring a towel from home, dry it at work, and use it for a few days in a row. I know for me I’ll be using the same towel for a week at time. – Curse you logic and conservation.

Back when I traveled for a living working for Dell I went a year only wearing new socks. Thinking back it might have been wasteful – but it sure felt amazing on my feet; much like the feeling of a fresh towel every day – I like being a princess. I guess I can get behind bringing your own towel and having the showers run for only 20 seconds on a button press to save the planet and stuff – Feel the Burn 2020!!

I like the pretty striped towel

Desk with more stuff

It’s starting to look a great deal more like I work here with toys and crap all over my desk. The magnetic hovering spinning thing, some foam lego blocks, foam balls, and other random toys.  The more I use the wide screen curved at work the more I’m feeling like the 24″ wide-screen flat not curved I have at home is just too small.


My desktop computer came with a spinning disk in it, EWWW!  We can’t have that, I went out and ordered an SSD to replace it with. While replacing the disk I had to take the front cover off of the machine. Taking the front cover off I knocked my USB hub Yubi key block thing into a desk leg. The leg had no opening in the bottom. I spent about ten minutes hunting paper clips, fashioning a fishing hook with an Iphone cable, and fishing the  out of the hole.

My USB hub thing is at the bottom of this hole
Fishing hook and key after I fished it out of the hole


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