Single Dad Life 2018

Michelle’s grandmother has some cancer and is chosen to let it limit her life span and enjoy the time she has left vs, fighting it and dealing with all of that. As She puts it ” I’m 93 and tired, I’ve had a great life” Once we’d received the news granny was with the cancer we knew Michelle needed to head home pronto to spend some time with her while she was still in her Prime. Kids were still in school, and tickets home are not cheap without planning. – Michelle booked one ticket then left us for a week.

Michelle and her Grandmother

Michelle gifts for holidays and birthdays have been nights alone in a hotel the past few years. The kids and I have been on our own a few times as a result of her vacations. But those are like one or two nights. Now we are looking at six nights and half of those are school nights. Oh boy. That means bed time on my own. making school lunches, feeding the kids their other meals, giving them baths, laundry, the full meal parenting deal with out help.

It’s shocking and all but we survived the week without issue or injury. Of course I came away with a much deeper understanding of Michelle’s job. I’ve always been impressed and respected what she does but never had I dove in deep enough to experience all of it. I make efforts to help her out before, after doing her job for a week I’m going to make a greater effort going forward. Managed to keep the kids clean, was their school uniforms, took the kids out shopping and to a few parks all on my own, and even managed to carry on with potty training Roxi. – It was not a horrible experience.

Proof the kids are alive

Sadly with all of the child minding I didn’t manage many pictures. You’ll have to settle for head shots I took of the kids for this years Microsoft badges as proof the kids are still alive and unharmed.

20180630_111422231_iOS (1).jpg
Maddex Age 7
20180701_144546303_iOS (1).jpg
Mila Age 5
20180630_111504705_iOS (2).jpg
Khaleesi Age 3
20180630_111359835_iOS (2).jpg
Roxi Age 2

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