States holiday 2023 – P3

TLDR –Goodwill shopping followed by Hanging with the Peterson Family. Swim spa, fireworks, bow and arrow, foods, and catapult. 

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July Forth

We start the day at the Miller house in Kitsap – Up early, Maddex and I drove to Albertsons for bacon. Trenton told me he would come over for breakfast if there is bacon, and I value time with kids. Was great craic catching up with Trenton over Bacon. As we wrapped up breakfast and Trenton left for work Grandpa and Grandma made it home with the kid’s tye Dye shirts we forgot at the lake. Kids loved their shirts; might need to do this again. We had places to be and were out the door there around 0930.

The first stop is Goodwill in Gig Harbor for the Forth of July everything is off-sale. Sadly turned out there was only a blue tag half-off sale – some things change, and some stay the same. Kids found a few things. Michelle found a few things, but it was not what we would call an amazing shopping trip. Kids and I poped into Mcdonalds for fries while Michelle finished her shop. Next stop across the Narrows Bridge, Goodwill in Tacoma – another meh trip. Bonus for me and the girls being able to cruise through a harbor freight looking at tools- sure do miss the cheap tools on demand from Harbor Freight.

We made it to Michelle’s parent’s house before they were home from Ocean Shores with enough time to unpack and claim the house. They are super generous giving us the house while they move into their fifth-wheel trailer. Straight away after the Grandparents arrived home and we had some hugs Mila gave her grandparents the painting she made for them with a mountain and boat; Of course, they loved it. Wendy hung it on the wall over a Mount Rainer picture.   We had a nice mellow day hanging out with the Petersons. Michelle and Wendy picked up food. We ate, stayed up, and watched a load of local fireworks. Sounded like a war zone; so many booms from all around us.


Next few days Wednesday – Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday are pretty similar days. We started off after breakfast in the swim spa for a few hours, a break for lunch, more swim spa, dry off, and hanging out with the family.  The kids LOVE being in the water – I went in with them as a lifeguard and “dad watch me” guy. Swim spa time was about 5 to 6 hours a day. While I’m in the spa with the kids Michelle gets a good time catching up with her parents. Jonathan’s Swim Spa is about 1.2 meters deep kept at 30 degrees C. It’s an amazing opportunity for the kids to increase their swimming skills.

Events Mixed in with spa and catch up- A bow and Arrow set is delivered for Khaleesi, Taco dinner, Tried to go for a walk and gave up on the idea – SCRAY no sidewalks, Michelle went through memory boxes and dressed up in her graduation gown, Spray park for 20 minutes before the kids burned out, dress up night – the kids put on a show dressing up in Grandmas costume collection, and good times.

Friday –

The kids are off with Michelle, Jessica, and Wendy to Catapult, an inflatable jump place. Lisa and I are at home kidless. Lisa is in the trailer working with my fancy second monitor, and I’m in the kitchen catching up on America blog posts with only a single screen. The second the kids return, we’re back in the hot tub for a spell followed by more hanging out with the family.

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