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TLDR – We repainted, refloored, and kitted out a bedroom for each of the girls. From Mila to Roxi to Khaleesi – they all have their own rooms now.

Room Reno

Wila decided to move out of our house and move in with her pal Adam; freeing up a room. The plan is for Mila to move into the room Wila was in, Roxi to move into Mila’s room and Khaleesi stays in the room she and Roxi shared for the last year. Before each move, we redo the flooring, clean, and paint the empty room. Step one shop for paint and supplies. The best part of Dad, finally buying some nice power tools. We’ve been in Ireland for 6 years now and I’ve slowly bought basic hand tools here and there. For power tools, all we have is a cheap black and Decker drill. Going to need flooring, and 2x4s and power to make real holes – Off to Screwfix to pick up a Dewalt power tool set. Online order to Chadwicks and Woodfloorstore.ie for the materials. Paint comes from Sillorgan Decor

Tool load from screw fix hauled home in the bike

Mila’s Room

Mila’s room gets new paint in the ensuite, new paint on the walls and trim, and new flooring plus the bonus secret room. After removing the carpet and trim Michelle and MIla went to town painting. Was not sure about the dark blue on all of the walls. Asked Mila to maybe do an accent wall and the rest a lighter colour. Mila stuck to her vision and painted all of the walls blue. Turned out amazing. No more doubting Mila and her colour choices. The blue wall and the flooring with the white trim looks sharp. The Ensuite looks much better with the new colours and MIla’s decorations.

Finished paint and flooring – looks sharp

Roxi’s Room

Next on the list is Roxi’s room. Roxi gets new paint and the carpet out of Mila’s room. Not needing to dispose of the carpet and Roxi getting what she wants for flooring is a nice bonus. Before the walls could be painted Roxi and Michelle had to remove the wallpaper from the walls. Roxi chose half green, half blue for her room colour and ended up with a double bed hand me down from Wila. Roxi also gained a corner desk hand down from Maddex who wanted more space in his room to VR.

Painting the Roxi room

Khaleesi’s room

The wallpaper in Khaleesi’s room was more challenging them Roxi’s room. Michelle asked in the neighborhood group chat for a steamer. Someone had a streamer they didn’t want anymore and gave it to her. The steamer made short work of the wallpaper – big much less work. Khaleesi chose Irish marmalade for her colour and the same flooring we installed in MIla’s room. Khaleesi ended up with a brand-new bed from Ikea. We built her desk with random Ikea things we had stored around the house.

Epic wallpaper removal

Finished rooms

Bonus Pictures

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