Biscoff Cookie Butter

Back in my travel days I took a Delta flight from SEA to DEN every week for a few months commuting to a project in Colorado Springs. I took the same flight every week staffed by the same crew. At the time Delta gave out Biscoff cookies in the two pack. I’d never seen these cookies other than on the airlines. I loved the cookies and I was always the flight attendants for more. After a month of the flight and “getting to know” the crew my favorite flight attendant comes out with a grin one day and gives me a whole package of these amazing Biscoff cookies.

Needless to say I ate all of the cookies and called in sick for the first day of work that week. The cookies have a delta logo on the cookie, and some treats are better in special occasions, so I’d never thought to look for them in a store A few years later I actually found Biscoff cookies in a grocery store. They always remind of that flight crew, and Colorado Springs. When I see the cookies in the store I’ll buy them from time to time and eat an entire package in a single day. They are Awesome cookies. Today I took the kids to WinCo and found Biscoff Cookie butter in with the peanut butter. We bought it without reading the package at all because we MUST try it.

Tried it at home. OMFG – SO GOOD!! the first ingredient is Literally Biscoff cookies. Can’t wait to try this later on a toasted English muffin. Alright Tried on an English muffin, and I’m happy to report it’s amazballs. It’s also amaze balls by the spoonful. I hit 189.9 on June 1. After I eat this jar of cookie butter it might take me a few weeks to make it back to 189.9; mutter.

Put some butter on before the cookie butter. If I am going for it I am going extreme

First bite falling inlove

Next bite so good

Kids got in on the action and tried it on graham crackers. I prefer the muffin.

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