Michelle’s birthday

TLDR – spent the day in the city with no kids and ate too much. Brilliant

How was this possible

Since moving here the kids have gotten out of school at different times. Roxi was in crèche getting out at noon. Khaleesi and roxi in Jr / Senior infants were released an hour before the other kids. Not anymore! All of the children are now released at the same time, 14:10. Which gives Michelle and I about 5 hours of kid-free time during the day.

We used the time for the first time on Michelle’s birthday to hob knob around the city without kids, for, we think our first time ever. Time out together without kids is such a rare thing for us.

Headed out on some Adventure – Just the two of us

The Hob Knob  

We took the LUAS into town getting off at Stephens green. Without kids, we don’t need a toilet or water, or snacks, we just walked about holding hands doing whatever. Stopped in at the new Lego shop on Grafton street. Bought some Krispy Kreme donuts. Oddly for us, we were able to sit peacefully and eat donuts in front of the shop. Cruised the lilac center. Shopped at a Penny’s. We even had, Wait for it, a sit-down meal at a burrito shop, Saburritos. Happy days!

MM burrito birthday lunch

The Burrito shop reminded us of chipotle in the states. Pick all of the things you want in a wrap and they fill it up for you. In addition to burritos, we had chips, cheese and salsa – MMMMM. The cheese they use is some mix of Queso Blanco and maybe Monterey jack is tremendous – brilliant food.

Made it home with plenty of time to relax for a spell before collecting the kids. To end the day we had fried rice and bits from Aroma noodle box followed by cookie dough ice cream in bed. Happy Birthday, lover pants.

A few bonus pictures

Local Landmarks built in Lego at the Lego store
Hat try on

I could see myself owning a hat like this
mmm Donuts
Liverpool shop
Chips and Salsa



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