BR_Wildflower Drew Barrymore

Since age five and ET I’ve had a celebrity crush on Drew. We’re mostly the same age and she always struck me as a fun loving down to earth honest person. My wife and I like to watch Jimmy Fallon when we sit-down to watch TV. This week Drew was on Jimmy promoting her new book. Bought the book via Audible during the show and stuck it on my Kindle to start listening the next day on the way to work. Celebrity books are much better when they are read by the celebrity. Drew must have read my mind because she read her book. The book is not listed as a memoir on purpose, because it is not. It’s a collection of stories from Drew’s life that stand out to her and are parts of her life she was willing to share.

I read the book came away perceiving it as highlight reel of Drew’s life as she would share with someone at a dinner party getting to know her. She provides a time line of key intervals in her life and covers the major stories. The stories at some times are not 100% in order and they do not completely flow from one to the next but they are great stories and paint a clear picture of who Drew is, the life she has lived, and the life she is living now as the married mother of 2, running a production company and other businesses. I finished the book hoping to be invited to such a wonderful dinner party to hear more of Drew’s stories. – I wish the book had been longer.

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