EDC 2016

Everyday Carry List

I enjoy capturing the things I carry on my person to create a snap shot in time. Oldest item I currently carry are my sunglasses. The Clip is a few weeks old. Work forces us to replace badges a few months ago. I’ve had the car for a few years but the key chain is new because the blade in the old vanished recently. The Lanyard I made at the Woodinville house so it’s a few years old. I think I’ll start posting an EDC picture every year in January now that I’ve thought about it.

My everyday carry general bits:

  • Gerber Remix Tactical knife – I’m into Gerber’s line of sharp things with the holes in them. They are fun to spin around the finger
  • Gerber GDC hook knife key rings – Again a Gerber thing with a hole in it fun to play with. The Knife is great to open my honey roasted peanut bag on the way to work.
  • Lumo Lift – the Lump Lift goes on my shirt near collar bone held on by magnet and vibrates to remind me I need to correct my posture. Since wearing I stand up and sit much straighter.
  • Microsoft Band 2 – Fitness tracker, smart watch, phone notification thing, sleep tracker. It has GPS and makes pretty pictures of my runs. Band sits on my right wrist
  • Fitbit Charge HR – Another fitness tracker for the left arm. I’ve been with Fitbit since the start. I continue to wear the Fitbit to keep adding more data to the bucket to compare too
  • RAW wallet – The smaller the wallet the better. Recently picked this one up as a filler item to hit 35$ because I wanted an add-on Item at amazon. I love the small size.
  • Narrative Clip camera – New item I carry. Using it to experiment with offloading some memory needs, and capture more pictures.
  • Oakley X-metal gold Juliet’s – I’ve had a pair of these sun glasses for 13 years now. Trenton picked them out for me when he was 6. Over the years I’ve accumulated 4 pairs of these still in my possession, Which is good because Oakley stopped making them. I lost one pair, sold a motorcycle a year later, and a year after that the guy I sold them too found the glasses under the plastic and mailed them back to me. Love these glasses.
  • Microsoft badge. – I only carry it at work. The Lanyard I made when we lived in our Woodinville house.
  • IPhone 6s – Miss windows phone for email, but I like a phone that works and has all of the aps.

Reasoning and Thinking and Stuff

My core belief and feeling towards things and gifts is bigger things you cannot instantly take with you disposable. Things not designed to help build, capture or crate memories are less valuable. I invest in gifts and things designed enhance or create memories not things to fill a box or things that will be forgotten in minutes to blend in with the other things. I’ve built these beliefs over years based on a few key experiences and realizations:

  • Every property I’ve lived on since leaving my parents home has been burglarized at least once. Almost all of the nice things I’ve owned have been stolen once or twice.
  • The dark times in my life were riddled with over a decade of legal battles with Trenton’s mother over Trenton. Court fears lead me to plan life and investments around the possibility of being sent to jail somehow, or losing a court battle costing me all assets touchable by chapter 7.
  • Looking back at my first decade of live there are about 2 or 3 gifts I can recall with clarity. For kids I gift too I’ve setup trust funds they’ll get at age 18. A focused 18 years of toys all in one lump sum gift they can use to take a trip for a few months and create life memories.

Along those line of thinking the things I value most and consider valuable are things I carry on my person, or things used to enhance creation or facilitate capturing of memories. I’m also a bit obsessed with collecting data. Hence the three fitness trackers and life logging camera I carry with me; Love tracking data.

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