Dublin Randoms 6

TLDR – K in shades, Mila in boots, Maddex in Socks, UCD football, some fruit at work, scooter work, and a Bike we need.

Park shades

We went for a walk one night towards work, around the Luas maintenance yard and ended up at a park near a Girls school. I tried for a bit to get a picture of all of the kids under some big egg thing at the Vantage but the kids were not holding still long enough for a picture. It was one of our last days of summer and Khaleesi was sporting a great look with her shades and purse.

Hold still so I can get a picture of all of you



Roxi working an obstacle course

UCD football

My boss at work, Collie, coaches football for one of the local colleges. Their games all start around the kid’s bedtime. I’ve wanted to go watch once since we moved here but the bedtime start has made it difficult. Before summer was over and it was too cold to take the kids, Maddex, Mila and I finally went to watch a game that the UCD bowl.  being nice out still, we rode our scooters to the match. The route we took, was a bit over 10km and 90% downhill. On the way, we stopped at a McDonald’s for dinner and Tesco for snacks.  The kids made it to halftime before they were tired and we headed home via the LUAS.

Waiting to cross a street
Eating dinner at McDonald’s
Looking around for a place to sit
Our view of the match

Another park day

One night after work, looking for something to do, we went for a walk to Rathimines where the kids played at Belgrave park for a bit. After the park, we checked out some shops and a tiny mall walking a around-about-way back towards the LUAS.

tetter totter made for four
She might have passed out on the walk home.
Maddex sporting the Elton Goodwin sock setup


Dressing for School

Mila and mom went shopping at Dundrum on a Saturday and picked some new boots she is in love with. Michelle says she is never shopping on a Saturday again. Khaleesi didn’t think she needed a jacket one morning walking to school no matter how I tried to convince her. She was cold at school so I gave her my jacket, it might be a bit large on her.



she says “I am a Wizard”
Tiny girl in a fat guys coat

Maddex doing sleep things

We find Maddex in odd setups at night. One night we found him sleeping in his mermaid tail stuffed with other blankets. Another night we found him a hammock he’d made out of blankets. I mentioned to him that I missed getting notes from him at night, so he left me one by my tooth-brush – sweet kid when he is not being a dick

Fat mermaid tail
He actually slept in there – and reported it to be comfortable
The weight holding down that pink blanket is Maddex


Maddex’s note to dad

Fruits at work

Work has started piling up trays of fruit around the buildings. I’m a big fan of free food, even bigger fan of free good for us food. Breakfast is now an apple vs fried egg and bacon – Thanks Microsoft Ireland.


Bike desires

Want to get a bike like this to take the kids to and from school. Electric assist, room for two kids up front, plus some storage, and a bags on the back. Such a cool looking bike. No clue how it would ride but it looks like a great idea



Maddex and I spent some time in the lab engraving then painting a phone number at the bottom of all of our scooters. We could use a bigger workbench; for now, we’re making due with what we have.


Bonus Roxi Pictures

Roxi showing off mom’s pantry setup
Roxi built herself a bed on the floor


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