Khaleesi no more Three

Our adorable mother of Dragons turned four this month. Being her special day we did whatever she wanted to do. Which turned out to be, stay home, eat cake and popcorn and candy, watch a few shows, and play in the playroom.

Khaleesi about to blow out some Candles

We started the morning with french toast for breakfast. Maddex mixed the batter, and I cooked them up three slices at a time. We really need a skillet so we can cook more at once. As soon I finished cooking more FT mom would take the toast, put toppings on them, cut them and feed the kids. We did this until the kids were full then we were allowed to have some of the leftovers. After lunch, her desire was playing with her new toys.


Michelle’s Friend Rachael has a girl with the same birthday as Khaleesi. She was having a party on Saturday, the same day as Khaleesi’s birthday; we were all invited. Given the option to stay home or go, Khaleesi did not want to go. She wanted to stay home and be lazy. I stayed home with Khaleesi and Roxi while Michelle took Maddex and Mila to the party. We watched Frozen, they played on a trampoline and had Mexican – They might have had the better deal.

Popcorn while watching Frozen

For dinner we had Dominos, at Khaleesi’s request, then watched another movie and off to bed. According to our Princess, she had the best day ever.

The only time she was alone with her presents
The older kids swarmed to “help” unwrap the gifts – Frozen Ice castle
Baby with a huge head
We’ve been into the Side ponies lately


Outfit for her huge head doll
Roxi with some cake on her face
new Butterfly purse
More Side pony opening the ice castle


I am so excited to blow out the candles


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