Dublin Randoms 7

TLDR – Date night for mom and dad, Skater girl Mila, Hammock Kid Maddex, Roxi the destroyer, and a picnic

Date Evening

Maddex has a new friend from school, Cullen, who lives about 4 minutes scooter ride from the house. They’ve been spending weekends at our house or his house since. On saturday Maddex Spent the night at Cullen’s house – one kid down. A few weeks ago we had Michelle’s friend Rachel’s four kids over for a sleep over so they could go out. We took their kids thinking we’d do a kid swap later. Today is time for the swap Rachael took Mila, Khaleesi, and Roxi – Three more kids down.

We’re pretty simple going out. Pho for dinner followed by a Mission Impossible movie then back home to pick up our kids. Since moving to Ireland this is the third time we’ve left the house without kids. Feels naked to not have kids around us being annoying, hanging on us, or being able to turn to them and show them something. On the other hand was nice to be able to hold Michelle’s hand and talk to her without interruption or competition for affection.

Actually sitting on the LUAS
About to watch a movie – no one else in the theater YET….


Roxi the Destroyer

Roxi is by far our most destructive child. One of her latest destroyed items was a comb. For some reason, she decided to tear all of the teeth off. Not sure what she was after. On the plus side, she was feeling kind and saved all of the teeth in a teacup making clean up simpler.



Michelle is improving her hair skills with better braiding and curlers. I even got in on the curler action one night not that you can tell in the picture.

Dual braids after bath night
Hard to tell but I just took some curlers out

Skater Style

Mila’s latest move on her scooter is ridding it skateboard style with her feet sideways on the deck, and knees bent for balance. I told Mila a while back on a scooter ride” you know Mila sometimes I scooter with you to the store when we don’t need anything just to hang out with you” – She told this to Michelle a few days later saying ” Mommy I have to tell you a secret dad told me” Love how excited she gets to go for rides with me.


Not fancy hair, or a scooter ride, but it’s a cute picture

Maddex and his Hammock

Maddex is getting better and better at setting up hammocks in his bed. His latest setup almost looks comfortable. His back mostly rests on the mattress and his legs are elevated so not a horrible sleep position I guess?



Momma and Khaleesi in one of the hammocks
Another Hammock setup

Picnic dinner and a frog dance

Michelle feed the kids a large late lunch the other day. Figuring the terrorists would be full and not overly interested in dinner we skipped a normal meal and went for a snack picnic in the living room instead. After eating and chatting for a bit we learned about Swedish midsummer from the youtubes. We now totally know when we are going to go visit John next year! during the little frog dance.


Crackers and cheese and sausage and fruits and nachos and nachos; great dinner

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