Life update

Today is my last official work day working for Microsoft US at the Redmond WA Microsoft campus. It’s an odd last day experience for me, because it’s not really my last day. Bullets are cool, I’ll let the bullets explain the odd. Quitting? – Technically I am terminating employment with […]

Last Day in Redmond

I’m turning 30 plus 10 this year and I can, oddly, say I’m content and satisfied for the first time in my adult life. The road from kid to here has been fun. I’ve always set bold goals for myself and vigorously worked to run through them. All of the big […]

Turning 30 +10

The driveway camera yet again provides an entertaining story about four not bright teenagers, my awesome bad ass neighbor, a crazy momma, and the Olalla Facebook group’s power of community. Driveway Alert with four boys walking up the driveway 8/18/2016 Four eighteen plus or minus a year-old boys decided it […]

Four Boys in the Driveway Camera

I’ve been tracking / starting / seeding / whatever you want to call it, a number of things to write about for the last week. I can write a few of them as full blown long winded writings, or I can copy Paul and drop some of the things as […]

Randoms for the Week 1