First Day of School Times 2

TLDR – Wednesday was the kids first day of school at Queen of Angels with uniforms. Then we got a call to switch schools on the way home and we did. Thursday was their first day of school at Educate Together Stepaside, with no uniforms; I miss the uniforms

First day of school at Queen of Angels

Wednesday was the kids first day of school for the 2018 / 2019 school year. We dressed them up in their uniforms, made them lunches, and walked them to school. Full on back into our school routine from last year. The first few weeks have odd start times for the young kids. Wednesday was a 08:50 start time for Maddex (second year) and Mila (Senior Infant), and a 10:00 start time for Khaleesi (Jr Infant).  Thursday Khaleesi would start the same time as the other kids.  For the first 2 weeks, the kids get out at three different times. 12:30 for Khaleesi, 13:30 for Mila, and 14:30 for Maddex.

Girls in their uniforms ready to walk to school

It’s an hour round trip to and from school speed walking; the first day is a lot of work.  Michelle took the kids to school and did not come home until they were all out. Going to be a mess getting kids to and from school for the first two weeks. Eventually Khaleesi and Mila will get out at the same time and hopefully, we can get her and Khaleesi in after school care for an hour a few nights a week to make Michelle’s life simpler.

All three kids at school waiting for the start of the day

Everything Changed on the Way home

On the way home from school everything changed. Michelle received a call from a school closer to our house, not religiously based at all. Educate Together Stepaside called and said they had space for Mila. We’d added our name to the waiting list before moving here knowing how difficult it is to get into the educate together schools. Locals put their names on the list the day their kids are born to get into these schools.  Michelle told the gal who called we have 2 other kids in school. if they take Mila they’ll need to take our other two as well.  The answer back was that should not be a problem at all.

We’re so excited! Michelle has spent the last week stressing wanting to get into another school closer to our house. We did not get into the other school no matter how much Michelle stressed about it. I’m glad we have her because she cares deeply about this stuff which is good for our kids. She cares enough I don’t have too, I just need to be there and support what she wants and everyone is well taken care of; super grateful.

Michelle is already a bit exhausted after leaving the house at 08:00 and not returning until after three. Getting into a new school means the kids need all new books and different supplies by tomorrow. Before sitting down Michelle is back out to Dundrum shopping for books and supplies. While she is out I tried to rest the kids because they were cranky and tired after their first day of school. She did well shopping, I failed trying for naps. When Michelle made it back home we all went for a walk to the new school to figure out how long it would take, and see the place. – Michelle is almost at 30,000 steps by now.

Walking to the school checking it out the night before

When we got home the kids and I played a bit, ate some dinner, and watched a show. While the kids and I were doing that Michelle was getting books ready and filling out all of the paperwork for the new school. Poor girl did not get a break until after the kids were finally sleeping. I did the best thing I could for her by then and passed out on the couch next to her.

Second First day of School

I guess, now that we’re going to another school starting on Thursday the kids first day on Wednesday was just a trial run the first day. Today’s first day of school the kids are allowed to wear anything they want too. No more uniforms at the educate together school. Personally, I prefer the Uniforms, Mila, on the other hand, is mega excited to be able to dress in anything she wants too. She’s already planning out what to wear when. New school starts 20 earlier than old school, but, being closer, we left at the same time.

No uniforms walking to school

According to the internet mapping authorities the old school, Queen of Angels was 2.5km and 32 minutes away walking. The new school, Educate Together Stepaside is 1.5km and 19 minutes away. For a savings of 13 minutes each way to the school. We take the kids and go get them walking at least once a day, which equates to four thirteen minute savings, for a total of 52 minutes time-saving each school day on paper. In real life, we’re looking at an extra 5-6 hours a week not spent walking to and from school.

almost to school

It’s only 13 minutes difference each way, but wow does it make a difference. At Queen of Angels, we’d leave around 08:00 to drop the kids off at 08:50 and 09:00 then be home around 09:30. The new school we left a bit after 08:00, dropped the kids off, spent 20 minutes dropping off paperwork in the office, and were home around 09:10. So much more time for activities! A normal day without the office we’ll be home before 09:00.

The madness of parents waiting with kids to start school

Bunch more pictures


Maddex getting his hair cut before his Frist First day of school
Girls ready in their uniforms


Khaleesi in her uniform and jumper


Walking to school, I already miss the uniforms


playing in the new maze
Maddex queuing with his class
Maddex in class
Picked Maddex up with the scooter – 7 minutes to school and 8 minutes home

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