Harry Potter Castle

TLDR – Took us about 5 months off and on but Maddex and I finally finished the Lego Harry Potter castle

Way back in October of 2018 while unemployed in the states we happened upon a Lego store hiding from the rain killing time in a mall. We purchased the Lego Harry Potter castle at said Lego store, because it sounded like fun to build.

See the Lego store in the background

Back at home Maddex and I started in on the castle doing a few bags a night out of the 37 total bags in the build. Maddex was able to hold interest for 2 maybe three bags a time then it was time to do something else.


End of the first-day building we almost finished the base

We fairly quickly progressed to finishing the first half of the castle in a few weeks, then the started the second half over another few weeks then we had to leave the country on forced holiday for a month or so.

The end of book one of four.
Maddex loved the stained glass windows in the hall here
Almost done with the first half of the castle

One issue we ran into after finishing the first half, was what do you do with this thing.  It’s wider than a Billy bookshelf, and taller than about two shelves. It’s also attractive looking to Roxi the destroyer of anything she can reach. It’s too tall to fit on top of the kitchen cabinets and deeper than the shelves above my desk. While building it we’ve been storing it in the office taking up one of the desks.

Barley fits height wise taking out a shelve, hangs out the front off of the shelf

So many details in the castle from the books and movies. Potions class, key room, Dumbledores office, chess room, the great hall, dragon on the tower, dementors. It’s a joy to build and look at.

Potions class
Chess and the room of keys
The base of the second half of the castle before leaving on holiday


After a month of Maddex not being interested in finishing the last 5 bags I finally set it all up in the kitchen and told him I was going to finish it with or without him. After watching me put about 3 legos onto the castle Maddex gained interest and started helping me.

The home stretch
Finished – all done
Maddex can you smile – Sure dad……

We were short 2 pieces in the end, with about 100 extra. We improvised from stock on hand for the missing pieces and finished without them.

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