Sauna Time again

TLDR – Maddex and I setup a sauna in the office today.

Our Sauna Past and shopping

Way back in 2009, one day from today, 3 -Feb, Marty, Michael, and I drove to Seatac in Micheal’s truck and picked up a 2 person infrared sauna for our house in Woodinville. Marty and I used the sauna 4-5 times a week while we lived in Woodinville. Sweating in the box, reading a box for 30-60 minutes is some great relaxing and meditation time. Our Sauna from Woodinville is currently in the back of a container at the Olalla house waiting for Trenton to use it or sell it.

Martin set up the old Sauna

I’ve been sporadically shopping for a sauna in Ireland for the last 6 months. Last week I finally found one for the price I was happy paying. The last sauna in the states cost 500$, used from Craigslist. The Irish sauna we set up today cost 500Euro used –  New sauna came with delivery included.  I found the sauna on, the Irish version of Craigslist in the states.  In the listing for the sauna, someone asked if the seller would deliver. The seller answered he would for a full price offer. The sauna was about 2200 euro new. 500 Euro is a fair price in my mind so I made a full price offer.

Breaking down and moving

The seller said he was not the handiest person and asked if I would come to his place and help him break down the sauna. Sure, Maddex and I will take the Dart up, help take it down and ride back with him in the Van. Maddex and I left on the LUAS around 0800 destined for Stephens green. We figured we’d walk Grafton street and find a donut before walking to Tara station for the Dart.

On the LUAS headed for city center

By the time we made it to Grafton the next dart was 60 minutes away. We walked around Dublin for a bit then stopped in at Offbeat Donuts where Maddex had an Oreo donut. We ate his donut in the shop to warm up a bit, it’s only 1 out this morning. After our donut, we still had a half hour to kill. Instead of catching Dart at Tara station we walked across the river to O’Connell station. Which is an actual full-on train station with about 7 tracks in it; who knew; I guess we do now. We got a bit lost trying to find the dart in the station but eventually worked it out.

mmmmm forbidden donut
Some large diamond spike thing we passed by the way to the DART station

While waiting for the Dart, and while riding on the Dart Maddex and I read a book we’ve been reading at night. The seller picked us up at the Clongriffen Dart stop in the Van he hired for the day. I offered to cover the cost of the van but he turned me down. Said it was included in the price, plus he had a number of honey do missions for the van. About 5 minutes after being picked up we were at his house. Along the way we drove on a road Maddex, Cullen and I scootered on to pick up Maddex’s bike a few months ago.

I brought a drill, and some other tools with us not sure how the sauna was built. We lucked out and it’s a snap-together model like we had in the states. Total of 3 screws to remove to pull out the car stereo, followed by ~16 snaps. 5 minutes later, and the sauna was broken down ready to be loaded into the VAN. With the van loaded it was about 30-minute drive back home to unload the sauna in the hallway. The seller knew how to make to Sandyford, and once we were off the M50 on local roads I figured out where we were and directed us the rest of the way.

Setup and Break-in

After unloading we shook hands and thanked the seller for helping move the sauna, then Maddex and I set straight away to put it back together. Mila and I cleaned had reorganized the front Office the night before making room for the sauna. With Johns help, it took us about 10 minutes to put it all together. Maddex stuffed himself behind the sauna and snapped it all together then he slimed in next sauna to find the cord to plug it in.

While he was back there I was attempting to find an extension cord, Maddex told me there was actually a plug right there on the wall the perfect distance for the cord. Score, no need for an extension cord. After assembly we tested out all of the heaters, we really should have done that before buying, but oh well. YEAH! they all work. Maddex went for some lunch while I found enough towels for us then we stripped down and had a sauna, sweating and read some books.

Father and son in the sweatbox reading our cooks
Front lighting

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