Maddex’s First Car Stero Install

TLDR – Maddex and I replaced the car stereo in the sauna.

The sauna came with a car stereo deck connected to two speakers for sound. The Deck was an older model lacking Bluetooth or headphone input; it needed replacing. When I was a kid a car stereo deck was like 200$ plus and a huge investment. Faster forward to today, living in the future, and I picked up a Boss deck with 40 watts x 4 channels, Bluetooth, remote, headphone, and USB input for 21$ ordered from the great Amazon in the states. The same deck was about 30 euro shipped to the house in Ireland.

Michelle was in the states recently so I choose to abuse the system(not pay VAT) and order the deck delivered to her mother’s house, and have Michelle bring it back. Last weekend Maddex and I finally made time for the deck install. Again, back when I was a kid we had wire strippers you’d crimp then spin around the wire to cut the insulation, then you’d have to pull as hard as you can to get the insulation off. Most of the times this worked, other times you ruined the wire.

In the future, Maddex learns on a crimper that auto selects wire size, and pulls the insulation off for you. – so spoiled. These crimpers even have multiple stop points to make your strips a consistent length. Did I mention they also ratchet so you can adjust your grip and start over if you need to?


bunch of wire stripping and some butt plugs later we have new the stereo installed in the sauna ready to produce sounds. Maddex turned it on with the remote and tuned into some local Irish station  – cool it works.  Good job Maddex.

Maddex showing off the upgraded deck installed

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