Magnet Fishing around Dundrum

TLDR – Found some walking trails along a creek Saturday. Went back Sunday with Maddex and Cullen to fish out some money. – We found about 5 Euros, a spoon, and a fork

Fishing with the Boys

Saturday Maddex Mila and I went to Dundrum library to return some books, and check out some more. We took a slightly different route on some walking trails along a small creek. On the trails, we crossed over the creek a number of times on bridges. Under one of the bridges, we saw a few euros in the water. Today Cullen, Maddex and I are planning on taking our scooters,  heading back to the creek with our magnets and going fishing for money.

Maddex and I scootered up to Cullens house to pick him up around 10:00. Cullen met us in the street with his bike ready to go. We had him turn around to go get his scooter. We’re headed to Dundrum fishing. It’s mostly downhill on the way there, mostly uphill back. If we take scooters we can ride home on the LUAS and skip the uphill portion of the trip home. It was sunny out but still a bit cold out to take off after picking up Cullen. We went home and played until about 11:00 letting the sun warm the world up.

Boys being Monkeys
Boys, stop so I can take a picture

First stop is our regular scooter to Dundrum park stop to play. The boys reverted to their monkey state and climbed up and down things while making loads of noises. After they lost interest in the playground we continued down the hill to our first bridge crossing. Where we pulled out our magnets and started tossing them in the water. Right away Cullen came up with 5 cents. Next Maddex came up with 5 cents and a 1 euro coin. Fishing is good today the boys are now totally into it – happy days

They each took a side to avoid crossing lines or hitting each other
That did not last long, lets fish on the same side now and see who can hit who first
Next bridge is a metal bridge. Magnets stick to metal….
Dad with pockets full of rope about to head out to the next bridge

All in we crossed over about 5 small bridges and came up with at least one copper 1-5 cent coin at each stop. One of the last stops along the creek we fished under an overpass. On the other side of the overpass, I noticed a tall skinny man on the overpass looking down at it. It was Dejan from Microsoft. He stopped and we chatted for a bit while the kids explored under the overpass some more.



Feed the Monkeys

By now our kids are starving; famished even. We made a beeline for Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Dundrum. I ordered while the kids scrubbed creek scum off their hands and faught over who as sitting in the window. Cullen had a cheeseburger with ketchup. Maddex had a hot dog with pickles, mustard and ketchup, and I had a Bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions, pickles, mayo, mustard, and lettuce. I ordered one soda, the gal behind the counter winked at me and gave us three cups for the price of one; thanks. We each got to pick our drink of choice from the Coke Freestyle machine. We, of course, had a vanilla shake, peanuts, and fries to top it all off.

Happy boys diving into the food

Headed Home

After the boys claimed to be full we set off for the Dundrum library to return some overdue books via the front door drop box; library is closed Sundays. From the library we made our way back toward Balally LUAS stop behind the shopping center. I heard some water as we were ridding behind the building. We then noticed a small bridge into the back area of the building. We crossed over the bridge, climbed up on top of the concrete wall and looked down to find a fish ladder of sorts where we noticed money under the water. – Bingo, more fishing.

Sneaking between the bushes and a fence to fish further up creek
Standing on top of the wall fishing

We fished three spots along the fish ladder coming up with a bunch of screws, a fork, and a bit more money. We’ve learned today that 10, 20 and 50 cent coins are not magnetic enough to lift from the water. The other coins stick to the magnet no problem. The 5 cent coins stick so well we had to pry them off.


After the Fish ladder, we hoped on the LUAS at Balally headed back home. Cullen came away with about 2 euros 35 cents, one spoon, and a fork. Maddex came away with about 2 euros and 87 cents. We all ate too much and had a great time.

Ridding home on the LUAS

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