Market Girls

TLDR – Michelle and Mila went to a Book Fair in Saint Patrick’s Park and sold some of Mitchel’s books. Michelle’s write up here


A month or so ago I noticed a post on Twitter about a book market in city center looking for local authors to come set up a table to sell their books. Sounded like great craic to me so I sent the post to Michelle. It marinated for a bit in the back of her head before she made up her mind and decided she was going to do it. The Market is every Sunday from now until the end of the year in Saint Patricks Park next to the cathedral.

To prepare for the show Michelle had to cross off a huge list of things; order books, buy a table, figure out how to get it all there, design things, order signage, bookmarks, stickers, prizes, table cloth, pack it all up – sooo many things. Took Michelle about a good few weeks to get ready for the first weekend.

table set up.jpg
Setting up in the kitchen – Trial run

The biggest bit to get ready, the one that makes me the proudest of her, Michelle is a bit of an introvert. Being around people drains her. Committing to putting herself out there in front of unknown people, the possibility of rejection, it all made me anxious I can only imagine what it put Michelle through. There is nothing she cannot do once she commits to it. Not only did she show next to no sign of fear getting ready but she showed no sign of it on the day when she left for the event. – I am so impressed with her.

Market Day

The original plan was to take all of the stuff on a hand truck, ride the LUAS to Stephens Green then walk to the park. On Market day John’s partner, Jaye, was staying over and offered to take the girls to the Market in her car; score. The Girls loaded into the car around 0900 and set off for the book market. The first picture arrived in Signal at 09:56 with the message “Can’t put the sign up it will just rip off” – “She put me by the wall today but my normal spot is out by the benches” The wall is the wall in the park with the Poets and writers statues. The Market organizer put Mila and Michelle there to help them avoid some of the wind that would rip the poster off.

table at event.jpg
First picture of the day setting up in the wind
View from the table

11:47 Mila is freezing, she did not bring a thick enough jacket for the wind and the girls forgot to bring a blanket, mix that with a windy day and you get a cold Mila. Michelle gave her jacket to Mila, downside, now Michelle is cold. 11:53 “Sold a hardback” 13:00 “6 books sold” – These last few messages sure lift some stress and anxiety from my shoulders worrying about Michelle possibly not selling enough and feeling let down. I bet they are bring smiles and happy feelings to Michelle; way to go, babe. A bit later Michelle was texting me asking how to set up Tethering on her phone.

She wanted to give Mila internet on her phone to help entertain but it was not happening. I worked it out after she got home, was a stupid fix; not something we could have done remote. The Girls were home around 17:00 Jaye went back and picked them up. Living the car life today. About 30 minutes after arriving home and filling us in on how well the Market went Michelle went to lay down on the couch and passed out for an hour. The Cold and people took it out of her and she needed a nap. The plan is to go back next weekend take a jacket, more books, and a better table setup – You can find Michelle’s write up here if you are after more details and better writing…

Few more pictures

me and mila.jpg
Market girls all dressed up and ready to go
Another view of the Square and the prize wheel

All of the kit on the hand truck before they got a ride

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