Needed a Pie Pan

Michelle wanted to purchase a Pie pan, and we had a free day, so we went into town for a walk and some shopping. First stop the small park next to the Ranelagh LUAS stop where the kids played for a bit. Asking the kids about their favorite part of the park before bed time and they were all into the spinning thing, except Roxi who was into a lady bug on a spring.


Spin us faster dad!!

After the park we stopped into a few random shops to look at hiking stuff, back packs, cooking things, food, ETC. I am sure those shops have names and stuff but I don’t remember them. One of them was a grocery store votes best food, and oddly, best wedding venue in Dublin by something. LEft me thinking, that’s strange, I wonder how you do a wedding in a grocery story; people be different I guess. We eventually ended up on the north side of the river at Nisbets where we did not get anything. We did pick up a bunch of fruit from the fruit venders and sat on the sidewalk and had fruit for lunch.


Strawberries, Bananas, and apples for lunch

We didn’t end up with a pie pan, but we did have a good time. After we made it home and feed the kids an early dinner / late lunch. Khaleesi and Mila hoped on their scooters and I walked next to them to Dunnes and back for some Milk. Khaleesi is still very much a beginner on the scooter and needs more practice. Hence me walking next to her vs. ridding my own scooter following her. She needs a few more trips before she can keep up, but she is getting there.


Khaleesi with her Side Pony

The Rest of the Pictures


Girls with their purses on the LUAS


Mila enjoyed this swing




Looking up the green pond towards the park and LUAS stop


Ducks hanging out in the Shade


In the name Les, a Sheep


Straw Contraband


Dad, can we take a selfie? – Gee I guess we can K


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