Dublin Randoms 8

TLDR – Some Legos, cooking, costumes, the Grinch, and a puzzle.

Short catch up

We’re about 2 weeks in being back from the states and life is settling back to our normal routine. The kids are over jet lag, the fridge is filled up again, and Roxi is off of drugs. Nice to be back to normal life. Being as it took a week to get over jet lag we’ve not had many opportunities to have adventures. Hoping to do something this weekend, get out and see something new or what not.

The power was off for a few days while we were out. No power means everything in the fridge and freezer had to be tossed out. Gave us the option to start over with new stuff in the fridge. Michelle used to some actual meal planning and cooking now that we’re home and awake.

We started some Lego projects

We started some Lego projects over the weekend. Xmas sets of Michelle and the girls and Mega huge Lego Hogwarts castle for Maddex and I. We’ve been collecting a Lego village for a few years now, but we did not move it us when we first came. While in the states we picked up the rest of the village. Not sure where to put it all, but I am sure Michelle will work it out.

While in the states Maddex and I picked up the Lego Hogwarts 6020 piece castle from a Lego store. One sale and currency conversion math it was a great deal cheaper to purchase the castle in the states vs in the EU. Saving money is cool, so we bought it in the states.


Michelle has been cooking with the kids

Michelle is making an effort to cook more meals. She’s also working at cooking with the kids more. Tonight’s dinner was muffin tin meatloaf, with a pasta salad and some beans on the side. Roxi and Khaleesi did most of the helping while Maddex, Mila and I went on a scooter ride to Aldis for some honey roasted peanuts and whatever was interesting in the middle section.


One of our weekend morning Mila and Michelle baked up some Monkey bread for a breakfast treat. After some struggling with the dough then covering it with butter and sugar it turned out grand.


Halloween costumes

While at Aldis Maddex, Mila and I found Halloween costumes on sale for 1Euro each. We picked up a hand full of costumes that might fit the kids to add to the costume box. The second we arrived home from the trip the kids unwrapped the costumes and tried them on.


We also picked up some cold weather hats at Aldis for the girls. Michelle was kind enough to model them after we got home and showed her what we purchased.


Movie day – Grinch

Michelle is a bit of a Grinch nut, if you did not know, you know now. Hollywood felt the need to create a new version of the Grinch. This week the new Grinch movie was released retelling the story and Michelle simply had to go see it. Along with her went Maddex, Mila and Khaleesi, the three oldest kiddos. I kept Roxi; she’s not old enough to make it through a movie, and I’m a bit of a bah humbug.

Before the movie Michelle setup some goodie bags with leftover candy from American trick or treating to take with them to the movie. At the movie, the kids shared a popcorn and ate most everything in their candy goodie bags. The kids came home out of control annoying. Never dawned on us why until after they finally went to bed; maybe the candy?


Roxi’s first puzzle

Roxi has been helping with puzzles and doing little 4 piece puzzles for a while now. While we were all working on Legos the other day she went and found a 24 piece puzzle on the shelf to build. She sat down at the table by herself and quietly finished the entire puzzle by herself. She displayed some serious pride on her face when she showed us her accomplishment.


Some more Pictures

6020 piece Lego Hog warts castle Maddex and I have started
Popcorn and Legos – great night
Daddy, can you read me a book – anything to avoid sleeping
Whatever you say pumpkin
Wes wanted some water flavors. Bought him every one in the store – still, need to ship those
Kissy face in a new hat
POOF – you are a pumpkin
Without Thanksgiving to get in the way as soon as Halloween is over Xmas starts in Ireland

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