New House 3 Weeks on

TLDR – We’ve been at the new house for 3 weeks now. Nearly moved in. Feeling like our house now.

The cool house

We seem to be the cool house on the block right now. A few nights we ended up with 5 extra kids running around the house playing on the trampoline. The neighborhood sure adds a lot to the house. The estate we are both Khaleesi and Mila have friends a few doors down. The next-door neighbor is the same age as Khaleesi and has Guinea pigs. Mila’s BFF, Gabi is about 5 minute’s walk away with one small street to cross. The location is brilliant.

The Move In

We moved in and started on a Monday. Maddex and I did three loads in a Govan to move Mattresses and boxes. Tuesday SuperVan man showed up with 2 vans and 2 Superman. While the kids were in school we moved the rest of the stuff out of storage, minus our couches; we had no space for them yet in the house. The First week was none stop. After the Move Ikea showed up with a bunch of new beds and shelves to store things. Power City showed up with a new Washer and Dryer plus a fridge. Ikea showed up again a few days later with more stuff. – We went spend crazy setting up the place. – My main focus was beds and an office. Took the first week off of work but needed to be up and running by Sunday to work to pay for all of these.

Week 2 was all about emptying boxes,  getting Michelle’s office going and setting up the kid’s room. Into week three we’re into tweaking the house and setting up normal life routines. Still no fiber internet yet. Running off of 4g which at 100MB is not horrible at all. The Honey-do lists have been long. Michelle set up an office, organized everything, set up the kitchen and living room, cleaned things, and built the trampoline, It’s been none stop. I took some doors out, removed a fridge, fixed some other doors, covered up cat piss corner will kilz and carpet, installed wireless, replaced the furnace controls, installed a camera doorbell (can’t hear the doorbell on the fourth floor), hauling a few loads of cardboard to recycling. We both built a Massive amount of furniture.

Been a whirlwind move-in experience – happy to have a house – and now a pile of pictures. 

The pictures from Oldest to most recent

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