New Office Setup

TLDR – I took over John’s office a few months ago when we went into lockdown. felt bad. Recently we redid the office so we can share it. Plus, made space for Maddex to move in with us

Taking Over

When COVID took over and I went to working full time from home. The kids were doing school in the kitchen. Working in the kitchen was not going to work. John was mostly working in his room by then, so I took over the office downstairs. It was ok taking over for a few months but this lockdown life looks like it will last for the rest of the year or longer. I am sure John would like to leave his room and move back into the office – if he says anything or not I know deep down he is thinking it.

Maddex has been slowly getting into making gaming youtube videos. Every video he does his skills improve. Our agreement was every five videos he uploaded he would get a kit upgrade.  His first update was Minecraft JAVA and a Minecraft server we hosted in Azure.  The next upgrade was moving out of the kitchen to the office where we could better control the sound and lighting. When we started desk shopping I looked at two desks, one for me, one for Maddex. Eventually, we settled on a single desk large enough for us to share.

Office Rebuild

To start the office redo first, we moved the Sauna out of the office. We moved it upstairs into Michelle’s office. This created more space for us, and meant Michelle lost her couch. We replaced the couch with a second desk for her to spread out on, and moved the couch into the living room to create a super Mega Extreme couch bed. Another prep thing I did was build a raspberry Pi 4 as a youtube controller to offload running youtube from my overworked work Mac.

Youtube Pi being used to warm a frozen waffle cookie

Then we put in an Ikea order for a 200cm long desk for Maddex and I to share. The big desk will create enough space for Maddex, John, and I to share the office. Yesturday was our first day in here all three of us. John Played a game, Maddex played a game and I put in a workday. A few weeks later and take your kid to work day every day is working our great. Maddex hangs out and plays games, we watch dude perfect on the youtube Pi, and John comes and goes as needed. When John or I are on a call everyone else is quiet.

A bunch of pictures

Starting the desk building – Maddex did most of the work. His Ikea skillz are strong
V1 of the desk as set the first day
Maddex and dad working in the office
Added some lights for Maddex
Mom sent me a hunk of glass for my birthday
Youtube monitor mounted on the wall maddex wrapped up to stay warm
Mounted the lights on the monitor
Making sure Maddex is quiet while I am on a call – this will end well, right?

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