Dublin Randoms 2019 – Episode 1

TLDR – Hiding from the rain in a pipe, Millfam Xmas morning in Jan, Michelle is deep in Rubik’s cubes, Khaleesi is getting better on her scooter and coming to the store with Mila and I, and Maddex and I did some work on our bikes.

Hiding in a pipe

Wednesday it was nice out after school and I felt the need to get out of the house. Maddex allowed me to sweet talk him into coming with me. We went for a bike ride to a park near the Stillorgan LUAS stop with a Zipline. As we approached the park an angry cloud was becoming more ominous blocking out the sun. By the time we made it to the park and Maddex was on the Zipline the clouds opened and rain started making the effort to drench us. Maddex and I ran across the park and hide in a large culvert for about 20 minutes waiting out the rain.  We chatted and played word jumble in the pipe.

Ridding bikes down the path behind the reservoir to the park
Maddex on the Zipline
Hiding in the concrete culvert waiting for the rain to stop – look rainbow

Khaleesi is stepping up her Scooter game

Slightly before we left for exile Khaleesi started riding her own scooter to school vs. riding on the scooter with Michelle and I. She’s not the fastest of our kids by far, but she gets on the scooter and does it every day improving her skills. She’s had one accident that scared her so far while riding downhill towards the school. She started to wobble a bit, lost control and fell over. No major injury but it scared her. As a result of her fall, she takes downhill run slowly; dragging her push foot to inhibit any accumulation of significate speed.

Last week Khaleesi was displaying a marked increase in her speed. She’s also started exhibiting greater confidence.  In my mind, she’s progressed enough to be able to ride with the Mila and I to the store. Khaleesi was super excited to be invited to come with us not only to hang out with Me and Mila, but she was also excited to be able to pick out a treat at the store. Our Deal is, whoever comes to the store with me is allowed to pick out a treat at the store to share with the fam, or eat on the ride home.

Khaleesi following Mila on the way home

Momma is Slightly Obsessed with Rubic Cubes

Maddex bought a 3×3 cube before xmas and starting learning to solve it. We bought him a few other cubes for xmas and one of them he ended up with before exile. Michelle enjoys puzzles and is has a natural talent to quickly pick up new skills. She’s been into solving Maddex’s cubes both for the challenge and to teach Maddex.

Michelle showing off some solved 3×3’s
I just had a shower, and one of the kids messed this thing up – I know I’ll solve it
Yup solved it

Xmas in January

A number of factors contributed to the Millfam having Xmas morning on Saturday 12-Jan:

  • We missed Xmas morning under the tree due to exile.
  • Before we left we’d already done 90% of the shopping for the kids and each other.
  • The kids had a week left in their chocolate advent calendars
  • Michelle loves wrapping things and was not able to wrap things this year
  • The kids enjoy unwrapping things and were not able to unwrap things

Saturday 12-Jan after a week eating chocolate from advent calendars and setting up the Christmas tree we had Xmas morning. Mila was up at 0330, Maddex was up at his usual 0501, and the other kids and mom were up and we unwarped presents around 0600. I believe The presents with the most staying power (not five-minute toys) are the Hammocks and tents for the kid’s beds.

First kids awake unwrapping the stuff in their stockings
Khaleesi’s tent setup in bed
Maddex and Mila hanging out in the Hammock in Maddex’s bed

Lights on the bike Wheels

Maddex and I received LED wheel lights for our bikes, and the girls received bells for their scooters from Santa Michelle for Xmas. Maddex and I spent a cold morning installing the kit.

Maddex putting some air in his rear tire
Front wheel light on on a dark morning ride to school

The rest of the pictures

Santa Michelle setting up the presents under the tree
Oh my gosh, we are so EXCITED !!!
Khaleesi showing off her new baby and baby pack
Some more unwrapping stuff
Maddex working out on some outdoor exercise thing on one our trips to Dundrum
Maddex and Mila taking a break on a scooter run to Dundrum
Me in the pipe with Maddex – Maddex took this picture
Dinner with a guest
For two euro you too can buy some nothing.
Mila wearing her baby on one of our Dunes runs.
Girls in front of Dunes with their dolls about to go shopping
Tremendous sunrise we experienced ridding to school this week

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