The Point to home – walk

We went for a ride to the eastern end of the red line LUAS yesterday; to the Point. We’d planed on going for an hour walk then taking the LUAS back home. We ended up walking most of the day and clocked about 12km before we made it back home. Maddex and Mila hardly complained at all –  super impressed with their ability to go with the adventure and keep on walking no matter how hot and humid it was, and how far we walked.

Our walking route in red

From the point LUAS stop we walked south across the river liffey into Ringsend park. Sad face the park play area was closed for renovations. Happy face a few steps away we found a climbing area the kids played on for a bit. Mila, being cute, made it most of the way to the top of the large structure and kept asking me ” aren’t you so proud of me daddy” – I ensured I was every time she asked and told her unasked a few times. Then got up there and climbed with her.

Mila on the small climber

From Ringsend park we checked out Irishtown stadium where we watched some kids at track practice and used their washrooms. Next park we passed is Sean Moore Park named after a retired Lord Mayor of Dublin. Mayor is a meh title; Lord Mayor is a #baller title. Sean had a nice sized park that ended at sandy beach. Hello Ocean and sand, and hello an evil scientist looking layer that turns out to be 408 MWe gas turbine power plant where most of our power comes from.

Evil power station being Michelle and I

We had not planed to walk in the sand today. We have a stroller and the girls are in tights. Instead of the sand we walked along the waterfront path untill we simply had to walk on the sand for a bit to check something out. When we made it to the sand we stopped for a bit and looked a map to work out where next. I saw some odd thing in the beach worth checking out, and that is where we went. The odd thing turned out to be the Merrion Promenade & Sandymount Baths. A big concrete bath 40m X 40m built-in 1889 and closed in the 1900’s. The baths would be filled daily with fresh water in the morning and drained in the evening.

Maddex running out to the baths
Kids inside of the bath against the wall separating the mens and women’s sides

From the baths we figured we could find a Bus to the LUAS or walk a bit further south to a DART station, take the DART back to city center, walk to the LUAS, then take the LUAS home. By the time we made it to the DART station the kids were full on hungry. Luckily, here was a park and a Firehouse pizza at the Dart station. Michelle took the kids to play and I ordered some pizza and chips. By time I made it the park with food Michelle had found a bus route that would take is directly home.

Pizza in the Park

From the park we walked up the hill to a bus stop to catch the 47 bus. Sadly the 47 was not going to make it to the stop for another 50 minutes. It’s 1.7 miles from the Bus stop to the nearest LUAS stop, Stillorgen. 1.7 miles will take us less than 50 minutes to walk so we carry on walking. We left the house around 0900, and made it home around 1500 12km Later. After making it home we had some ice creme and finished watching the nut job on the couch. Fun day

Some more pictures

Stairs into the river – Mila did not want to go swimming
Some metal fish thing the kids wanted to check out near the port truck entrance
Taller climbing thing in the Ringsend park
Art and a gas turbine power plant
Michelle and a Gas Turbine Power plant
Kids playing on some exercise kit along the water front walk
Inside the old baths
Maddex showing off missing tooth and oreo covered face


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