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When to Start listening to Dresden to be ready for Peace Talks

TLDR – When do you need to start listening to the Dresden Files books to finish them all before Peace Talks comes out. For me, I listen at 2.5x speed for about 110 minutes 4 days a week on my commute; The date is April 21, 2020. For someone who listens at normal speed and has the same 110-minute commute 4 days a week you needed to start December 31, 2019; OUCH too late!


How long are the Dresden books

I recently read the next Harry Dresden book, Peace Talks, comes out on July 14, 2020. Then I got to thinking, when do I need to start listening to all of the books to make sure I have them all fresh in my head before Peace Talks comes out. To answer that question I needed to work out how long all of the books were and do some math. Looking online I did not find anyone who had already completed this math project so I figured I’d do the math.

From Audible, I filled out the below table with the book numbers, names, and total run time in minutes. With all of the items it was simple to add a cell (=sum(b2:b16) and work out the total run time of the published books.
Total Run time for the published books 1-15 is 12,501 minutes
or about 209 hours
or 8, almost 9 days

From here it was a matter of math. For me the math looks like the following:

  • Commute_Time110 minutes–  I take 40-55 minutes to ride my bike each way to work every day. I listen a bit longer after I get to work while I shower and walking to the office; call it 110 minutes a day average.
  • Days_a_week4 days – I work from home one to two days a week depending on what is going on. Four days a week sounds like a good average work week
  • Listening_Speed2.5x – I listen to books between 2.5 times and 3.5 times speed depending on the narrator. Dresden books are perfect at 2.5x speed for me.
(((Commute_Time)/(Listening_Speed))/(Commute_Time)/(Days_a_WeeK) = (Total_Weeks)
(((12,501 / 2.5) /110) /4) = 11.4 (round up) 12 weeks to finish the series

July 14, 2020 minus 12 weeks means I should start around April 21, 2020 to finish the books in time. Do you own math and start getting ready!!

Total Listen time for the Harry Dresden File bookes as displayed by Audible @ 2020

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