Xmas in Malaga – part II

TLDR – Michelle is still sick, more Daddy adventures. – Wait Michelle finally ended up 80% healthy on Saturday our last night in this flat, and we got to explore a new area of town.

Park and Dealz

We started the day thinking we would take the metro to the big carrefour by the super huge slides. After we walked out the front door and noticed the dark angry clouds and felt the air feeling like imminent rain. Looking at dark skies we have about 3 hours before it rains the rest of the day. By feeling, and sight the rain is coming any minute. Looking at the clouds; New plan. We’re headed to Dealz for some colouring books and games we can use indoors.

First Dealz on the map does not exist. We’re close to where we stayed last time and we know we’re about to enter play park central. Apple Maps shows a Dealz 30 minutes away. Google maps show a different Dealz 20 minutes away. The maps do not show the same Dealz at all. Who do we trust ?? Flipping the American quarter we found yesterday, we shall trust google.

Khaleesi with a headache

I think Khaleesi is having a migraine or lite fever. She says the bright light and noise hurts and she is holding her head. I had her drink some caffeinated soda. She seems to be ok at the playground. Something to watch out for. We might have another kid with migraines. While at the park Khaleesi sat on my lap and I gave her a head massage – She seemed much better after that.

When I was about 11 I had a headache and my mother’s mother gave me a head massage. I can still remember how much relief it provided and how relaxed I was afterward. That moment sparked my love of massage. I’ve tried to pay that forward to the kids and teach them and let the experience massage.

Google and the American Quarter were correct. It all started to come back to us as we walked closer to the area the Dealz is in. We went to this Dealz last year and bought the kids m&m flavored milk. This year we bought colouring books and crayons to entertain the girls when the rain starts. Clouds are getting darker and it is starting to feel like rain. We maybe have an hour, two tops before the skies will open and deluge will happen. We’re going to walk home along the beach and visit the pirate ship park along the way. Aiming to be home before 1400.

Angry clouds over a fountain


Pirate ship park

Nighttime with mom

Mom took some drugs and was determined to leave the house. We walked towards the city center where the no car streets are to explore. Last time we were here the Main Street was dug up under a massive rebuild. Tonight it’s all put back together with a new kids play climbing thing, massive pedestrian walkways on both sides of the street, new street vendors, and huge trees held up under their own power without support. They have some excellent Xmas markets along the water. We found two playgrounds the kids played in in the dark before momma started to wear out so we walked back home.

Crossing the main “river” in the heart of the city
Mila calls this the Cheese park – it’s right at the start of the main road into city center

As we are walking back we had to force our way through a mass of people at the head of the main no car street. Looking online the Xmas lights turn on at 1830, about 20 minutes from now. We need to come back tomorrow and better experience the lights as they have a pretty brilliant setup from what we can see.

The city center at night
The lights turned on at 0630 on the nose

Day three of mom in bed

The weather report predicts rain all day. Only 2cm for 20 hours; but still rain all day. Not a heavy rain more of an annoying drizzle wet enough to keep all of the playgrounds wet and your clothes damp. The kids and dad departed the flat for a park around 930. We diverted to the train station mall to stay dry and pick up some snacks. Not being detered by the rain we went back out to a playground near the train station.


The girls dried the slide with a towel. Five minutes later it was wet again and the rain was starting to pick up. Back to the train station mall to explore some more. I gave the kids each a euro for a big coin rides zone. Maddex and I played air hockey. The girls rode a peppa pig thing and a tiny Mary go round. Kids were super surprised I gave them money. They commented how I don’t like to waste money on these. They said it was nice to get to ride something for a change. Next, the kids want to kill time for Burger King to open at noon because they think it has a play place.

Burger king did not open until about 12:40 – they must have turned away 30-40 customers by not opening on time. Must be nice to not have to worry about traffic. Burger King did have a playland with a small slide. Enough to entertain the kids for a good half hour while they ate. Walking home we left the Station and noticed we’d forgotten Maddex’s stuffy.

Small play area upstairs in the train station mall
Coin operated play area in the train station mall

He was not happy about this and started to tear up a bit. We immediately turned around and booked it back to burger king where we were able to save his stuffy and the day. Back at home we rested and hide from the rain for a few hours – Siesta time. After siesta time momma was feeling some cabin fever. We braved the rain and walked into the city center for a mall walk in the dry followed by dinner at Taco Bell in the train station to wrap up the night.

Tacos for dinner


Day Four – Momma is back @ 80% – New Beaches

Michelle woke up this morning without a fever! yeah!. Last night as we were going to sleep I said to Michelle “Remeber that one time we went on a holiday and we did things together? ya that was nice” – she did not appreciate the comment as much as I did…  Oh snap; Maddex now has a fever. Instead of getting up to eat he went back to bed. Maddex is a trooper, he says  “give me drugs and let me come with you in the stroller. I don’t want to miss out.

A sick Maddex on drugs is a slower quieter Maddex. He’s still moving and playing at the parks, but he’s slightly slower. Much more manageable. I hope he can keep it up. We’re finally going to explore a new section of the town. We’re planning to explore the other side of the Harbour and play on some beaches we’ve never been to before. First stop of the day is the cheese park followed by the donkey park. Not the official names they are the MillFam names.

Michelle giving the Cheese a go

Along the water walk we checked out a few boats, a tall Spanish galleon, and off in the distance, we spoted Octopus; The late Paul Allens Megayacht. We could not make out the name in the glare of the sun, but I knew the boat with its massive twin radar domes. Maddex and I walked past the do not enter area to get to close enough to check out the name and make it was what we thought it was. Sure enough, the name on the boat is Octopus, currently for sale for 295million.

Walking down the water front checking out the boats
Tall ship
Octopus – docked at the Cruise ship port

We met up with the girls on the beach. The beach on this side of the port seems to go on forever. It slowly vanishes in the mist never not being a beach. We played in the sand for a bit, buried Maddex, kids went in the water, mom and I laid in the sun – Basically we enjoyed ourselves on the beach. What we planned on doing when we got here. Sick did not slow Maddex down but you could see it in his eyes. He’s tired.

No clue who gave Maddex boobies?
Family picture


We cut it short around noon and started walking back. I’m in a T-shirt and Maddex is bundled up in his jacket because is cold. He is not cold he has a fever and is burning up. He rode in the stroller most of the walk back home sleeping. Back at home he crawled into bed, put on some youtube and passed out – What a trooper. Girls are watching a movie, momma and Maddex and sleeping and I am editing blog posts.

Maddex passed out in the stroller
The Donkey park as Khaleesi called it

We have the Surface the girls are using for plex, and my Mac for work. Neither of which has enough juice to edit videos, which I’m craving right now. Next trip we might need a third laptop? or maybe we swap the Tv surface for a Roku and bring my bigger surface book to use for video editing.

Some more pictures

Maddex waiting for some food
Khaleesi playing the peppa pig game
Roxi was cold so she put on my shirt – it might be too big for her





girls we took you to the beach
Baby, took you to the beach







Floor plans for our place by Mila and dad


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