Zoo Trip

TLDR – For Roxi’s birthday we took the family to the Dublin Zoo

The early morning Luas ride, leaving the house around, 0830 was not too bad. Kids were mostly calm and under control. We read trivia and riddles for most of the ride. Off the Luas at Stephens Green to walk around the city for Donuts and Lunch. We found Offbeat donuts in the Iliac center, and lunch stuff at Dunnes in Jarvis. From Jarvis, we took the Red line Luas to Housten station and walked into Phoenix park to find the zoo

The zoo was great craic – Kids made it a few hours before burning out wanting to head home. The high lights were the Giraffes and monkeys. Roxi dressed in her Giraffe gear from head to toe for her Giraffes. For Xmas John sponsored a Giraffe in the name of each kid. Pretty sure the kids read the gifts like he bought them a Giraffe – the kids one of the Giraffes is theirs. We spent loads of time watching the Giraffes use their huge dark tongues to remove bark from some trees.

Near the end of the of the day when the kids were nearly spent we walked through the monkey area. They have high ropes going over the walking path. When one of the monkeys was coming across the rope he had a poo and a wee. The kids cracked up at that one; what a gas almost being pooed on from above.

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