Bray Cliff Walk

TLDR – On a sunny Friday MillFam walked from Bray to Greystones along the Cliff walk – spent some time at the beach then came home.

First Stop Bray

Back in May of 2019 Maddex and Michelle went to Greystones and Bray on a date where they explored some playgrounds and the towns. A few months later Michelle went back to Bray on a Mom Break. On the Mom break, Michelle did the Brey Greystones cliff walk and loved it. We’ve been meaning to go back since. Maddex wanted to show off the huge GreyStones South beach playground, Michelle wanted to show off the cliff walk.

Finally made back as a family in July of 2022, a few years later. Today’s transport is Luas to Brides Glen to catch the 84 bus to Bray. The Construction between Cherrywood and Brides glen at the end of the LUAS is coming along well. Stalled there with Covid for many many moons.  Looks like a few of the towers are nearly open with plenty more underway. Going to be a whole city here by the time they are done.

The Bray beach is a rocky beach. Rocks do not stop the kids from running around on a beach; They did their shoes on. Roxi is all excited to stuff her pockets with “special” rocks while Maddex and the other girls get close to but not in the water. Momma and I watch and walk with them. The Joke of the day, get someone’s attention to show them something amazing and show them a rock. On a beach filled with Rocks… Beach, playground, Spar for snacks, Ice Cream cones, Toilets – Let’s start the Cliff walk. Roxi gave Moma her jumper to carry. Guess what the pockets are full of? Rocks…

Cliff walk starts behind the girls at the end of the beach

Cliff Walk

We’ve wanted to do this walk since we moved here. First Excuse was stroller would not fit on the trail. Next blocker –  backpacks and kids not big enough, followed by the walk being closed due to landslide. The last blocker was Covid. No more Excuses we’re finally here! The Walk is still closed, but, as the neighbor says ” be Irish, read the sign and walk around it” Which seems to be what everyone has done. The Blocked off sections have 9 foot tall Steel fences blocking the path. Next to those fences are well-worn paths around the fences. The Fences are a “we told warned you” thing we are guessing? They are not stopping anyone.

We found water bottle refill spouts at the start and end of the walk, Which was nice because we only brought 2 liters of water and the kids required more. The walk was easy, the sun was not horrible hiding behind the clouds a few times; nearly perfect walk. We stopped a few spots to hang over the edge and cool off in the ocean breeze rushing up the cliff face. At the end of the walk, we stopped in a new park in an estate hardly started when Michelle was here last. GreyStones Marina Park with a nice playground for the kids to play in. Michelle and I laid down in the grass for a rest. Kids were climbing at running; nothing slows them down.


The hunt for food in Greystones didn’t turn up much. We walked along the water and didn’t see anything agreeable or exciting. We did find another huge playground to play in next to a path under the dart to the beach, the South beach park. Hungry and slightly tired the kids were presented with the option of Bus in 20 minutes or 90 minutes with the beach in the middle. The unanimous vote was for 90 minutes to include time in the sand. The Beach in GreyStones is sandy. Kids played in the water and buried each other in the sand for an hour. Mila turned Khaleesi into a mermaid complete with big booty and butt crack.

At the Bus stop, the girls found some branches they used to attack spiders. Roxi was ferocious trying to take out the spiders screaming and batting at them with her limb.  The long bus ride back to the Luas, the short train ride home, Forty minutes wait for the food to arrive. – We were feeling lazy and ordered Rice and stuff from Aroma Noodlebox.

Pictures from the day

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