Roundwood overnight ride – Broken Enivolo Hub

TLDR – Bicycle ride with all of the kids to Roundwood with a stopover In Enniskerry and the Powerscourt waterfall – Bike Broke, pushed it up the hill and coasted the rest of the way home. – All of my pictures were taken with some cool filter, LAME.

Getting there

All loaded up ready to go

Out the door at 0900 for a thirty-minute ride into the town of Enniskerry. Filming of the Disney movie enchanted 2 ended a few weeks ago and almost every sign of the town being a movie set is gone. The only thing left is the middle of the castle set; which looks like it will be gone by the end of the weekend. Figured they would leave some of the set to draw people to the town; Nope, I was wrong. We patroned the Spar in town for drinks and lollies and walked around the town before setting off for the next 30-minute ride to the waterfall. Pictures from the last we visited Enniskerry to check out the set can be found here

Fake castle is almost all taken down

I’m feeling off today running about 2/3 of normal power level. That or the girls weigh twice what they did last time we rode this direction. The closer we are to the waterfall the more Maddex was able to recall the last time we’d be here. Last night, asking at bedtime, he did not remember the playground or much of the trip. Today he was remembering parts of the playground, the rocks, and the chips we ordered for a snack.

Loads of stuff to do at the playground
Roxi playing in the water

Kids had some great craic playing at the playground before we walked to the waterfall. So many rocks to parkour on and places to stop and take pictures. We ended up crossing the river at the base of the falls on some rocks where we found a path leading downriver. Eventually, the path leads to a bridge to cross over the river. Under the bridge behind some rocks is a nice calm small pond. The kids wanted to go swimming here but talked themselves out of it; we did not have towels or sandals was their reasoning.

Heading to the waterfall – such a challenge to get a good picture of all of the kids
Bike chained to a log encased in concrete

Back at the playground it’s now packed. A family decided to sit and eat at the picnic table we chained the bikes too – odd. We bought some chips and popcorn from the cafe found a different table to sit and eat at. Kids played some more, used the toilets and back on the road we went. While checking out the waterfall it dawned on me I’d forgotten my pills. – This could be an issue; I’m supposed to take these every day. Oh well, I am sure it will work itself out.

There’s a spinning thing where the kids can sit and use a steering wheel like thing in the middle to turn themselves. Much better than me doing it. I’ve been watching all four kids playing on it for the last 15 minutes. Taking turns spinning it. Making sure no one is uncomfortable. Getting along like friends. Like they care about each other. Love watching them get along and play so well together.


Enviolo failure – Back home we go

The Cargo bike does not have a standard sprocket cassette and derailer on the rear wheel to change gears. The Wheel hub is an Enviolo Continuously variable planetary transmission. The Failure happened under Maximum load with three girls upfront in the lowest gear on a hill with a 30-40 degree angle; Steep hill. About halfway up the hill we stopped for the girls to get out and follow on foot up the hill. Pedaling up the hill did not feel right to me; figured it had to do with not feeling 100%. At the top of the hill, the girls got back in and we carried on until the next hill when the Enviolo hub was slipping continuously in low gear. The Girls got out again and I tried to ride up the hill without success. – The hub was in complete failure mode unable to transfer any torque to the wheel.

The hub is sealed. Without special tools, there is not much I can do here to look at it. Sadly we had to call the trip and head home. Pill problem solved. Enniskerry is mostly downhill from here. The girls loaded up and we turned around. Texted Michelle to please come to get the girls in Enniskerry. There was one big hill on the way back the girls had to get out where I pushed the bike up the hill. Thankfully the Walk function was working helping me push up the steep hill. Riding back the overdrive gear, the one with the highest gear ratio, was not slipping at all. The slipping was limited to the low hill climb gears which would apply maximum torque to the balls inside of the Enviolo.

While we waited for mom in Enniskerry the kids bought Ice cream from Spar and I looked up the hub failure. There is limited information on the internet about slipping failures other than people who reported no low gears had to warranty the hub. Kids were out of ice cream and behaving so well I gave them my bank card and told them to go back in and get more ice cream. Whatever it takes to give them a good time. Michelle took the Girls home on the Bus and Maddex and I rode home. As long as I stayed in overdrive the bike performed as expected delivering torque with a not smooth feeling from the hub – We beat the girls home; Now time to work out how to fix the bike.

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