The backpack retired

TLDR – Roxi is too big for the kid backpack. After 8 years of a kid on my back everywhere we walked we’ve retired the pack.

The Mighty Backpack

Maddex started off in a wrap on my belly when he was about a month old. Michelle made it out of fleece. I’d carry him around on our nightly walks around Woodinville. By the time he was six months old he moved into our first backpack. Some purple thing that did not last long due to not being super comfortable.  Eventually, he made it into our backpack staple; The Deuter kid comfort II backpack with a top roll bar and built-in cover. The first big adventure in Deuter packs was our month bumming around Centro America for Maddex’s first birthday. The three of us, Michelle, Maddex, and I spent a month staying in hostels living out of two backpacks. One pack with a kid in it on my back and one with our stuff in it on Michelle’s back.

When Mila came around we picked up a second Deuter pack. A Kid comfort without the built-in roll bat and cover. Michelle would carry Mila and I’d carry Maddex when he was done walking. Eventually, Maddex grew out of the pack. Mila moved in with me and Khaleesi moved in with Michelle. Michelle retired her pack while we lived in Olalla. By then the kids were too big for her to carry. I made it until this summer of 2019 in Dublin Ireland when Roxi hit 30 pounds and was too heavy for me.

I’m still not used to be being backpack-free. It was so easy to pick up a kid, flip them over my head and shove them in the pack when they were tired. I miss it. This last year of the pack the big kids kept begging for rides. I took 65-pound Maddex and 40 pounds Mila a few times, not for long distances but long enough they had some fun.

Of everything we bought to help with kids our Deuter backpacks have been the best purchases we’ve made. I cannot recommend them enough for any parent who wants to be mobile. They are many times better than a stroller on the go. – Thanks Deuter for enabling this family to have so many adventures.

Some pictures of the pack in action


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