5.11 Backpack Support

TLDR – My 4-year-old 5.11 Rush72 backpack is starting to come apart at a seam in the strap. Contacted 5.11, a few emails later and a replacement is inbound to our address in Dublin.

Contacting support

We own a few 5.11 backpacks that made the trip from American to Ireland with us; a Rush 12, 24, and 72. The Rush 72 is our primary travel and shopping backpack. Shopping, meaning we wear it to the grocery store and haul groceries in it. The backpack is developing a hole at the top of one of the straps in the seems that looks like it could be a sewing failure. Figuring it never hurts to ask I sent the following email to 5.11 asking about a possible warranty repair.

I bought a Rush 72 in the states about 3 years ago. At the top of the left shoulder strap inside of the bend/arch before it attaches to the pack the seam is coming apart. – I am curious if this would qualify as a warranty repair or not.

Supports response

A few hours after I contacted support I received a response from a Mr. Andrew who 100% satisfied my request, and further solidified my love and respect of 5.11 products. Andrew asked for pictures of the pack and a copy of the invoice. Score for me I purchased the pack from Amazon and was able to bring up the invoice on my phone and take a screenshot. 3 years was more like four and a half years after reading the invoice.

I got up from watching Travelers on Netflix, took some pictures of the pack and sent all of them off to 5.11. The next few bullets are abridged versions of the emails back and forth with 5.11 support between 1011 and 1210 GMT :

  • Andrew replied back letting me know how old the pack was and expressed that it was “technically” not under warranty anymore, but I should send him my address and he would look and see what he could do.
  • I responded back letting him know I did not realize it had been that long and provided a US address. – Four kids, building a house and moving to another country my sense of time is warped
  • Andrew said they would replace the pack and said we live in Ireland can I provide a full Irish address and phone number
  • I was all like, based on experience, I know it’s not cheap to ship from the states to Ireland and was trying to return the favour cutting down on their shipping costs providing a US address – Wife is going to be in the states next month and can collect the pack.
  • Andrew said is no problem to ship to Ireland 5.11 a fulfillment center in Sweden capable of shipping to Ireland.
  • Then I went on and one about how impressed I was with 5.11 and Andrew saying thank you, and provided our Irish address.

Good reputations and referrals will motivate me to look at and purchase products. Support like this will keep me coming back, solidify my commitment to a brand,  and turn me into a brand ambassador for a company.  Any time a product 5.11 sells comes up in conversation I’ll be sharing this story pushing the person to 5.11. — Not only did 5.11 stand by their warranty and offer to replace the place but they have a support department that appears to be well staffed by helpful easy to understand and simple to communicate with people – Thankyou 5.11 and Andrew for further solidifying my commitment to your company. 

Backpack – I take good care of it. It’s only dirty because Maddex and I hide in a pipe from the rain yesterday and I have not cleaned it yet
Picture of Maddex in a pipe with rain and rainbow in the background
Failure in the seam
Another shot of the failure

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