Sad Face Thumb – De Quervain Symdrom

A number of days ago my passenger side thumb started to hurt a bit when I’d move it or lift things. Passenger side is my primary side, and somewhat important to me. Then it started to become worse and cause me to have pain face on a regular basis. I Iced and ate vitaman M like candy with no help. Then I purchased a splint to impobilize my thumb – still no improvement. Below is a doodle of where the pain is.

Pain along the Longus tendon for my thumb highlighted in red. Much big pain

I was so proud my myself being able to text with my right hand not looking at the keyboard anymore. Little did I know all of the texting and emailing was causing me harm. Hand hurt so bad earlier un the week It was difficlut, hard, painful, to operate the excavator to push over a tree handing over the driveway.  Cutting spicy susage and cheese for breakfast was becomming next to impossible using only my right hand. My thumb is very important to me, so I did the unthinkable,for me. Gave up and made an appointment to visist a doctor here on campus.

Imoblized thumb in the car on the way to the doctors

Doctor asked me a few things then he gave me a Finkelstein test which caused me to scream and lift out of my chair. Doctor laughed me and explained what was going on and why he gave me the test.  Fancy name for what Doctor told me I have is De Quervain Symdrom – Less fancy name is Blackberry or texters thumb.

The Fix – step 2

Doctor said to keep on with imoblizing my thumb, keep up with ICE, Stop texting, and he gave me some prednisone to take for a number of days them some meloxicam to take for a week or two after that then call him if I need more / the problem has not improved. Prednisone has a potential side effect of “increased appitite” great googeliee-moogle thats an understatement. I WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING! – Update with progress later

Hand after I finished writting this post still wraped in some pain – sad face







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