Breaking More Ground

Rain has been favouring Sunday through Tuesday, my weekend, for the last month or so, which has made progress slow. I was recently afforded a few sunny hours on some weekend days and managed to take out more trees and move piles of soil. Finally, some Progress! When I first started clearing the building site there were a few ground water issues forcing us to move the site a bit, and put in a pond. Then I was piling dirt near the house and realized we need about 10 feet of clear space next to the house to park the boom truck while we put the roof panels up. Spent the better part of a day moving the dirt from around the house I’d placed there a week earlier, sad face.

In the meantime, Michelle filled out 90% of the permitting paper work, and I started drawing plans. Our plan is to build another 40×60 building permitted as a shop. Basically we’re going to build the exterior walls, roof, and floor and call it permitting and usable space. Then someday down the road we’ll convert the space into a bedroom wing extension of the house. We’re building with concrete, which means we’re not going to change floor and walls once it is built without concrete cutting. To avoid cutting up concrete we’re doing all of the floor work as if we were building all bedrooms, and bathrooms now.

Our plans to the county are going to include both versions of the building, shop and bedroom wing. Also, we’ll apply for the plumbing floor rough in, and radiant heat in floor rough in along with the shop stuff because that stuff goes in and under the concrete floor, and we’re not going to change the concrete, because – concrete is hard to change once it’s hardened.

Now – Pictures of dirt

Pile of dirt next to house I created then had to move all in the same week – half of a Maddex is missing.

Over half way done leveling the site here. Lower left corner of the image needs to be leveled still

All leveled out – Next I need to shoot it all with the laser level, then create the channels for the footings.

Drone shot of some progress and a frosty roof. You can see the lines between the panels thawing first.

Drone shot of the site leveled out

Maddex ducking to avoid getting a haircut from the drone – we really need to do some yard work.

Rough draft of finished bedroom wing submitted to the architect for drawing

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