Recording Things

Maddex wants to make videos of him playing Video games, Mila wants to do singing videos, and I’d like to record the kids chatting about our adventures – We have the beginning of a recording studio now. We started the setup in the kitchen for Maddex to record some videos using a small light and a headset.


Yesterday we moved the setup to the lab area to better control the ambient sound and light. We also added some better audio hardware with Mic’s on booms attached to a mixing board. Having the window behind the desk gives us some nice natural light to record with until we get some better lights. Using the Surface Pro has the rig is annoying me. It gets warm, the fan comes on, and it makes sounds. I looked but was not able to find a semiconductor store in Dublin to pick up a block of heat sinks. Instead, I tore apart some old hardware and attached all of the heatsinks I could find to the back of the surface – which is almost working. In the end, we’ll probably need a desktop eventually. Set a goal for Maddex, 5 videos produced and we’ll build a gaming rig.


Few more shots of the old setup


Maddex stressing out nervous doing his first recording

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