The Pirate ship 2018

My father has always been great with the kids; more so Maddex then the girls, but he manages to include them too. This years visit he managed to invoke all of the kids in a large few day project. It started off with some random wood on wheels that looked like a cart of sorts. Dad gave Maddex some nails, a hammer and some scrap lumber and told him to have fun. Mila noticed what Maddex and grandpa were doing and joined in flowed by the other kids.

After a few hours of Maddex and DJ building

After a day of haphazardly building they decided what they were building was a pirate ship. Over the course of a few days they added lights, life preservers, a fishing winch, an anchor winch, painted their names, painted other things, and colored all over things. Dad put a flag or maybe a sail on top to make it more pirate ship like. By the time we had to leave they’d clearly created a pirate ship. Grandpa loaded them all up and pulled them around the garage a bit.

Before adding all of the paint
Serena, Maddex, and Trenton in front of the Pirate ship

More pictures of the Pirate ship process







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